Best Haircuts For Asian Guys – Blue Anime Model

The best haircuts for Asian guys often involve a simple, symmetrical cut. This style requires some maintenance, but it works for most men in both social and professional settings. Asymmetrical cuts are particularly ideal for Asian guys who have long hair. Whether it’s short hair or long hair, it’s easy to maintain and will definitely get you noticed. You can also try an asymmetrical combover if you have short hair.

Best Haircuts For Asian Guys

The following are some of the best haircuts for Asian guys. A blown-out quiff can leverage fluffy hair and keep the rest short. If you are having trouble choosing a style, opt for a drop fade. The ’80s were all about long tresses, but the side swept undercut is both bold and casual. A tousled look is a mix between clean and casual. The top is longer than the sides and back, but the sides and back are shaved shorter.