Best Haircuts For Asian Guys

Men with dark hair should choose styles that accentuate their natural colors, such as a straight fringe for a fashion-forward look. Quiffs are a stylish way to give the appearance of professionalism to Asian men who desire this hairstyle. This cut requires only minimal styling product for its upkeep, making it the ideal haircut choice.

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is an excellent way to showcase the texture of your hair, and can work well with many Asian men’s styles. It features an easy maintenance look with a sharp contrast between the top and sides of hair – an aesthetically pleasing manner!

Textured Fringes

Asian men often opt for textured fringes as part of their style, and these versatile haircuts can be worn in several ways. Whether worn side-swept or just resting against your eyebrows, these haircuts look fantastic when styled with texturizing pomade.

Burst Fades

Burst fades are another versatile style option for Asian men, combining well with faux hawk and Caesar cuts. These haircuts can help to reduce weight and bulk, and they look good regardless of hair texture or density.

Crew Cut

If you’re searching for an elegant yet low-maintenance haircut, try opting for the crew cut with either a high or medium fade. It can easily be styled using pomade or wax and enhance facial features while adding texture to your locks. For added sophistication, combovers or pompadours may also add flair!

Comb Back

Men with thick hair often prefer this style as it emphasizes volume on top while keeping sides sleek and clean. Wispy bangs don’t work well when worn with thick locks; total charges may look better as an addition if you opt for this look.


Quiffs are another classic style that looks great on Asian men. Combined with a high fade, this creates contrast and makes your haircut more stylish. This sophisticated look can easily be achieved using the right hair products and requires only slicking back your locks with some pomade for an impressive finish.


The Mullet is one of the most incredible Asian hairstyles and can be worn with various styles. Perfect for medium or long-length locks that can be styled by blowout for an ultra-smooth and polished finish or side parted for more casual appeal, this hairdo offers versatility!


The pompadour is another timeless style that can easily be tailored to Asian men’s hair. This hairstyle can be created with fades on the sides and back for a formal or shorter, edgier appearance; pair this style with a quiff for an eye-catching and fashionable appearance!

Half Up and Half Down

A timeless classic style perfect for Asian men, the curtain cut works well with any hair texture and works exceptionally well when combined with fades on either the sides or back to create contrast. Additionally, add texture or add your spin by adding subtle variations or variations for personalization.


The Edgar is one of the top haircuts for Asian guys, as it creates a sleek and modern appearance that’s simple to maintain. Featuring straight locks brushed back into place at the crown for added volume in the crown area. Additionally, you can personalize this hairstyle by adding fades or tinted highlights for additional personalization options.

Quiff with Bald Fade

The quiff is another great style that suits Asian men, particularly when combined with a bald fade. This creates an exciting juxtaposition between your entire forehead and the short sides and back of your hair, creating an appealingly polished look for various occasions.