Best Haircuts For Asian Guys

Elevated Quiff Undercut

An elevated quiff on top of an undercut is a modern and stylish hairstyle for men. Achieve it using hair growth products and gels to sculpt this gravity-defying style.

Casual Schoolboy Haircut

This casual schoolboy haircut suits Asian men seeking an eye-catching but easy-care style. Done to men in their 20s-40s, this look works with any smart casual attire.


The undercut is ideal for Asian men with long hair who wish to experiment with new looks. It features tapered sides and a stiff partition, easily styled using hair wax. This hairstyle frames the face beautifully and adds an informal yet stylish appearance that is perfect for casual events.

Disconnected Undercut

Make an impressionful statement with a disconnected undercut for a modern, fashionable haircut. This style combines a fade or buzz cut back with longer top hair that can be styled back with pomade for an unfussy finish. Use some hair wax to create a side-swept quiff that balances out prominent foreheads.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is one of the top Asian hairstyles for guys with thick and dense locks. It offers minimal upkeep and maintenance requirements. This modern take on classic taper cuts features a classic taper with low fade, making it suitable for work or date occasions alike.

Korean-Inspired Disconnected Undercut

Korean and K-Pop celebrities are famed for their iconic style, and it’s easy to understand why! A disconnected undercut creates an eye-catching contrast between longer tops and shorter buzzed sides. Pair that with a textured quiff or slicked-back style for an impressive result that shows your unique character while remaining fashionable and up-to-date. Ideal for guys who wish to show their individuality through something distinctive with an edge!


The fade is an Asian hairstyle that gradually transitions from the top down, giving an overall clean and polished appearance. The length can range from full skin fade (completely bald) to just inches above the ear. This style exudes sophistication and is easy to maintain using premium hair products. It combines a classic taper cut with long hair on top that can be styled using gel or pomade for styling purposes, allowing you to create your desired look. This distinctive and eye-catching style is perfect for anyone wanting to stand out.

Comb Over

The comb-over is an adaptable style that suits Asian men with thick locks well. Combining fade and slick-back top styling elements creates a sleek appearance that can be tailored to meet individual preferences. This style can be enhanced further with color streaks or dyes for an eye-catching appearance. While it works on short and long strands, fade cuts offer the ideal result to ensure neat results. This look is easy and stylish, suitable for casual and professional settings. To achieve it, use a water-based pomade or styling cream to create glossy ends.

Side Part

Asian men’s hair trends often feature bald fade designs, which create an eye-catching style when combined with shaved sides. All cool guys must sport this trend for ultimate success, and it can be enhanced by using gel. This haircut is ideal for people with long, straight hair who wish to add flair and personality. Additionally, it helps conceal large foreheads while helping shape heart-shaped faces. Add an effortless edge with a sleek side comb look or some slick back styling for an alternative finish!


Asian hair tends to be thicker and straighter, so it lends itself well to spiky styles. This look features a short fade and thin spikes on top that can easily be styled into classic pomps using matte pomade. Perfect for men who wish to exude an assured and confident presence! This haircut takes the textured trend one step further. Thin, spiky hair is styled into an eye-catching messy quiff and brushed down from its roots on both sides and back for an eye-catching effect. Pair this style with an undercut and blunt fringe for maximum impact!