The Best Haircut Near Me for Women

No matter your style preferences – from sleek and straight to beach waves – Booksy offers women in your local area the ideal haircuts. Browse their options to locate an experienced barber or hairstylist within your price range who is happy to take on your project.

Straight Layered Lob

A long layered lob can be an elegant and sophisticated style if you have straight hair. This cut frames your face, looking chic at any event, from brunches to essential business meetings downtown. Its versatile styling options allow it to transform from updos for work quickly. However, thicker or curlier locks may require additional products to achieve their sleek appearance.

Beach Waves with a Straight Lob

Pair your straight lob with beach waves for a casual yet chic style for an informal yet stylish look. This hairstyle works for women of all hair types but looks particularly significant on fine or medium-thick locks. Try adding texture with tousled ends or sleek your locks back in a low ponytail for more formal occasions; otherwise, use curling irons to give extra volume, or go for subtle cascading of waves for even more volume and dimension.

Straight Layered Lob with Face-Framing Layers

An alternative way of styling a straight-layered lob is with face-framing layers and curtain bangs. This look works exceptionally well if you have more oval facial structures and suits all skin colors. Its face-framing layers create a flattering silhouette and help highlight your eyes. To add even more pop, try using balayage highlight to color up your locks for added pop.

French Bob

The French bob is an iconic hairstyle, perfect for anyone with straight or naturally straightened locks, yet equally stunning with wavy or curly locks. One great advantage of this cut is that it can be worn as an elegant daytime style, with more polished styling for special events.

Longer French Bob with Blunt Ends and Side-Swept Fringe

Opt for a longer bob with blunt ends and side-swept fringe to highlight your cheekbones. Model Taylor LaShay is one of our favorite examples of an iconic French bob cut. The timeless French bob is an ideal style choice for brunettes. The color can be enhanced with multi-tonal chocolate balayage or kept natural for a more natural look.

Medium-Length Beach Waves

Beach waves hair makeover is a trendy style; you should try medium-length hair in 2023. Perfect for women who appreciate more modern and unique fashion statements, you can wear this hair makeover anywhere from casual brunch with friends to business trips downtown. Caramel highlights and face-framing layers make the beachy waves look even chicier.

Bed-Head Blunt Bob

Few hairstyles strike the right balance between casual and chic, like the blunt bob. This classic chin-length cut suits every face shape, particularly heart and diamond faces, making it suitable for formal events and more casual gatherings. If you’re searching for an eye-catching hair color to complete your bob, try sporting a copper shade. Alternatively, opt for light blonde for an understated but eye-catching look.

Below-the-Shoulders Textured Haircut

For an easy way to upgrade your bob, ask your stylist to texturize its ends for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance style. A simple collarbone bob may be needed to achieve an eye-catching and timeless style if your hair is naturally straight. With the right haircut, you can transform any look into something fresh and seductive for spring 2023. Talk to your stylist about finding a suitable cut near me women for your length and face shape – remember your supplies of products to keep it healthy throughout!