The Best Haircut For a Chubby Face

For those with round, full faces, it is essential that the hair can balance them out. Medium-length haircuts can create an eye-catching, voluminous effect thatthat draws attention away from heavy facial features.

Combine a wavy high ponytail with side-swept bangs for an eye-catching contrast that defines your face shape perfectly and adds height and volume to your locks, helping make you appear slimmer.

Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered pixie cuts are the ideal hairstyle to give chubby round faces an instant slimming effect—short, chic, and perfectly accentuating the cheekbones. Keeping the back and sides short while feathering the top with thin blonde highlights creates an attractive frame that slims the face; this hairstyle makes an impressive impression on plus-size women by making the face appear narrower.

Layered Medium Shag Haircut

Longer-haired ladies looking for the ideal cut should consider opting for a layered medium shag haircut with shaggy ends to elongate their faces, and a middle part with bangs to draw the eyes toward cheekbones for a stunning sculpted effect. A wavy bob with texture works equally as well on round faces while shorter looks may suit well too – faux hawks may help draw attention away from chin areas while adding extra shape and structure to their features.

Side-parted Bob

A classic bob hairstyle works wonders on almost any facial structure, and a side-parted bob is particularly flattering for rounder faces. From sleek comb-overs to messy beach waves, the side-parted bob will help slim your features while drawing attention to eyes and jawlines.

Layered Shoulder-length Blunt Cut

If you have long hair, try styling it into a layered shoulder-length blunt cut with a middle part and face-framing bangs for an additional slimming effect. Layers around the cheekbones provide structure to your facial structure and extra angles for styling your bangs. A faux hawk can add drama and intrigue to this haircut, creating a striking image for women looking to stand out in the crowd. Style this look with bright lip color and large hoop earrings for a romantic yet modern vibe.

Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is an effective hairstyle to mask chubby cheeks while drawing attention away from them and towards your eyes and jawline. A faux hawk or pompadour are popular choices; to complete the look, add some texturizing spray and scrunch your ponytail by crushing it with your hands for added texture. Make your sleek ponytail more voluminous by cutting it with shag or bob-style bangs to draw the eye away from your face, creating the illusion of narrower and more oval features on your facial structure. This look is elegant and sophisticated and will complement most looks perfectly.

Curly Hairstyle

Curly hairstyles can be an effective way to balance out your face shape. By adding texture and height, curly locks add dimension and slim down your frame – avoid long face-framing curls as they will exaggerate cheekbones further. If you have longer locks, try a blunt cut lob with a center part as an elegant, modern girl haircut for round faces. This stylish cut creates a fantastic balancing effect; thick wavy locks may even rock a fringed bob like Yara Shahidi did! A choppy comb-over bob is another fashionable hairstyle to help hide your round face. Additionally, this look accentuates eyebrows for an irresistibly seductive appearance – just be sure to use light hair gel or spray to keep the style in place!

Layered Haircut

Layered haircuts are great options for women seeking to add volume and texture, framing their round faces while hiding wide cheekbones. But when done incorrectly, they can become unruly; therefore, professional hairstylists must perform this service. Try different styles, from short rooty wolf cuts to long wavy lobs with curtain bangs for a classy yet casual appearance and instantly slim your face shape. Additionally, rich-colored blonde will accentuate your complexion’s contrast between your dark roots and light tresses for the enhanced definition of your face shape and an overall more radiant and attractive skin tone.