Boys Hair Cut Pictures – How to Identify the Best hair Type for Curly hair


Identifying the best hair type depends on the texture of that. First, you need to determine your curly hair‘s subtypes. These categories are based on the strength of the curl and texture of the strands. For example, a 3C curl is not as resistant to frizz as a type 2a or a 3b, but it can be damaged by too much product and overheating.

How to Choose the Edgar haircut Design for That Type

The first step to achieving the look you desire is knowing what type of hair you have. While the first category is the easiest to identify, there are several subtypes. Each of these is characterized by its texture, from limp to curly. To determine that type, Cohen recommends that you look at photos of other people with the same hair type. If you aren’t sure which one you have, consider thinking about how that looked when it was longer.