Best Hair Clippers For Beginners

As an amateur barber, choosing the appropriate clippers to cut hair correctly can be daunting. Luckily, there are numerous fantastic choices available for you.

Corded or Cordless?

Whether you are an amateur or experienced barber, selecting your first clippers will enormously impact the haircut experience. According to Howard, an ideal clipper should be easy to operate and cause minimal damage – that is why he recommends the Wahl Magic Clip, a cordless option used widely among barbers that runs for 90 minutes without needing charging!

Features of the Wahl Magic Clip

The Magic Clip is lightweight, ergonomic, and quiet in operation, featuring plastic polymer housing that doesn’t heat up or produce annoying buzzing noises during use. If the battery runs out during your haircut session, an 8ft power cord allows you to continue cutting hair until it’s recharged.

Pivot motors provide essential blade movement and positioning support, enabling a more precise cut for those with thick, unruly hair. You may even notice a lever on pivot-powered clippers that adjusts blade distance for fades or other styles.

Kits and Accessories

When selecting the ideal hair clippers for beginners, look for kits that contain all the necessary accessories to get you going. Some clippers offer kits with everything needed – such as combs, brushes, scissors, smaller trimmer attachments, and extra blades; others may come equipped with storage cases and even a padded ear guard to shield ears from accidental cuts while learning.

Blade Settings and Gradual Adjustments

Selecting a hair clipper with multiple blade size settings is beneficial – from short buzzes to whole heads of hair cuts. Liza Corsillo recommends the Wahl model due to its precision and array of guards of different widths that allow gradual adjustments until you achieve your desired length.

Corded or Cordless Models

The final decision regarding hair clippers for beginners should be whether to go for corded or cordless models. Cordless models offer more freedom yet tend to cost more and run out of juice within hours, as a backup plan should always be available.

The Wahl Magic Clip

If you’re searching for a clipper with zero-gap capabilities, look no further than the Wahl Magic Clip. Its high-quality stainless steel blades make it effortlessly produce close and tight fades. However, extra precautions should be taken in using this model as the sharp edges could easily cause cuts.


As a beginner barber, you must have a great set of clippers and other essential tools. One essential is clipper oil; it protects from rust while making them run more smoothly. Furthermore, shears come in various sizes and styles, so find ones that feel right for your hands and include detangler and combs after every haircut!

Spray sanitizer is another essential product for barbers, as it enables them to sanitize and disinfect their clippers after each customer visit.

BaBylissPRO GoldFX

Are you new to hair clipping and need a practical yet cost-effective clipper? Look no further than BaBylissPRO GoldFX.

Wahl Color Pro

Wahl Color Pro clippers offer beginners another viable solution for precision cuts with each pass, thanks to their color-coded system that makes identifying each blade simple and their ergonomic design that ensures quiet operation and easy handling.

Andis Master

Andis Master clippers are another ideal option for novice users. Equipped with a magnetic motor capable of performing 14000 blade strokes per minute and extremely durable blades ranging in fineness from 000-1, these clippers also include a convenient side switch for one-handed operation and an instruction manual.

Wahl Colour Key

Interested in DIY hair cutting but need more budget for professional services? Look no further than Wahl Colour Key’s cordless clipper as your solution. Packed with all the tools necessary for an excellent haircut in the comfort of your home, this cordless model comes equipped with everything necessary for an impressive haircut experience at home.

Wahl Trim-n-Flow

Wahl offers another budget-friendly clipper with plenty of length settings and attachments, the Trim-n-Flow. With 28 extensions that allow for various styles like tapering and fading, this device delivers excellent cutting performance – its rotary motor ensures superior cutting. At the same time, its unique “Trim-n-Flow” technology diverts clippings away from its blades to prevent clogging and ensure optimum use.