Best Hair Care For Men

Attending regular haircuts is vital to maintaining healthy hair.

Avoid overwashing, as it removes nourishing oils that prevent dullness and dryness in your locks.

Gel may be the go-to product for men’s hairstyling, but overuse could result in abuse. Instead, try a cream with natural shine and low hold for men’s grooming.

Straight Hair

Straight hair creates an effortlessly stylish appearance.

Although it can be more challenging to style than other types, straight hair can still look its best when styled correctly. If you have straight locks, try styling it into an updo with some volume-enhancing fade haircut, or opt for a side-parted quiff.

Keep your scalp healthy by shampooing two to three times each week, focusing on massaging and nourishing the scalp during each shampooing. Over-shampooing may strip it of vital oils, leaving your locks dry and frizzy. Instead, consider shampooing every other wash to preserve nourishing oils in your scalp and avoid dry and frizzy strands.

Apply a pea-sized amount of hair product, then rub your hands through your fingers to evenly disperse it throughout your locks. Hair putty works great for men who wish to create a messy and careless style; shorter-length hair may benefit more than longer ones. Hair clay works on all lengths and types. It contains Ziziphus Juazeiro bark extract (to eliminate bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff), jojoba oil, and aloe vera, which nourish your strands as it strengthens locks.

Kinky Hair

Men with curly or kinky hair require the appropriate products to achieve a stylish, sophisticated look that stands out. By smoothing out curls and kinks with these items, an effortlessly cool style can emerge that commands attention.

Putty is an ideal product to style kinky or unruly hair as it doesn’t provide as much shine as wax while providing texture to the locks. Furthermore, men looking for an informal yet carefree style may find Putty an invaluable asset when trying out the disheveled casual look without looking unruly or messy.

This product is ideal for Black men with kinky hair as it offers deep conditioning treatment and frizz control, helping maintain moisturized kinky locks that can quickly become dry and brittle.

Regular shampooing should only be necessary two to three times each week; conditioner can provide crucial additional hydration between washes.

Curly Hair

Men with naturally curly locks can use virtually any product on their mane to keep it looking sleek, while those with thick, runaway curls should opt for products with extra hold, like pomades, clays, and waxes, for creating elegant styles without frizz or fall-out.

Beardbrand’s sea salt spray excels at three things for men with curly hair: adding texture, amplifying natural curl patterns, and extracting oil and toxins from their scalps. Men suffering from dry strands may benefit from using leave-in conditioners such as Old Spice to restore hydration and strengthen their manes.

To prevent your ringlets from turning into frizz balls that resemble broccoli florets, use a wide-toothed comb such as the King Brown Black Texture Comb to separate and distribute frizz evenly. Or try spraying some OGX’s coconut oil-infused elixir to fight frizz, flyaways, and dryness before applying hydrating shampoo and conditioner to ensure beautiful curls throughout your day!

Wavy Hair

Men with wavy locks face an extra challenge when styling their locks. While wavy hair adds dimension and texture to any style, keeping all strands in place without additional grooming products may prove challenging.

If you have wavy hair, consider men’s styling products that add moisture and hold. Pomades and creams work particularly well as they provide a wet finish, which helps minimize frizz. Gels or clays should be avoided as these could dry out the locks over time.

If you have medium-length wavy hair, pair it with either a low or high fade. The clean lines of a fade will keep your wavy locks under control while creating an elegant appearance. Finish it with hair spray to lock in your look for all-day wear!