Best Buy hair Clippers For Guys

Men’s hair clippers are an effective and popular grooming tool used to cut and shape men’s head and body hair. More potent than beard trimmers, they allow guys to quickly go through thicker or denser patches of their mane more efficiently.


Wahl’s Magic Clip is one of the hair clippers barbers use at their workstations. Julien Howard says it is an all-in-one cordless clipper designed for home grooming with 39 length settings to trim beards precisely and achieve precise haircuts. Furthermore, attachment clips allow users to cut nose/ear hair and guide combs – plus, its lithium-ion battery lasts an estimated 100 minutes!


This set of stainless steel blades is self-sharpening to offer a smooth cut without snagging and pulling hair, and have a curved design to follow the contour of the head for faster cuts and easier maintenance. Also included is a cleaning brush, blade oil, and scissors to help facilitate their upkeep.


Motors are at the core of any hair clipper. They power their blades and determine their speed or slowness of work. The most common are pivot motors using two electromagnets – ideal for everyday use, as seen at nearby barber shops.


The Wahl Colour Pro features a light, sleek, and well-balanced feel that makes it a pleasure to use. Suitable for either corded or cordless operation, it comes with a trimmer attachment, comb, scissors, and blade oil for optimal performance and convenience. Furthermore, its rotary motor makes for powerful yet easy use – an important consideration.