The Best Boys Haircuts 2020

A short comb-over with a low taper fade is a thoughtful look for boys of any age, framing the face with style while being easy to maintain for a casual look.

Spiked Ivy League Hair

Another stylish choice that looks great on younger boys. This spiky texture style works best with either a low or high fade and can easily be brushed back for a clean finish.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fades are an excellent way for boys to break from tradition and stand out. Bold yet easily managed, they capture attention while requiring minimal styling time every morning.

Black Boys’ Haircut

Black boys looking for an effective style should consider this cut, as it creates a flattering silhouette and works well with their natural hair color. It can also feature blue highlights for more dramatic looks.

Messy Spikes

Spiky hairstyles are stylish for boys who wish to stand out from the pack. It is simple and quick to create; some hair gel can help lift hair upwards for maximum volume.

Low Taper Haircut

Boys looking to save time styling their hair may benefit from a low-taper haircut. This style allows boys to keep longer locks on top while shorter strands on either side are kept short for an attractive and polished appearance.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Spiky Mohawk haircuts for boys who seek something out-of-the-ordinary. This striking style combines the precision of a burst fade with expertly textured spiky style on top for an eye-catching appearance.

Brushed-Up Hair

Selecting an ideal haircut for boys can boost their self-confidence and give them an unmistakably bolder appearance. One such style is the slick back with taper fade.

Unique Styles for Boys

Boys looking for a unique look should try complex parts, hair designs, pompadours with skin fades, or short textured bangs as an alternative style option. These styles require less maintenance compared to spiky hairstyles.

Long Crew Cut

Boys seeking a stylish yet school-appropriate style should try this haircut, featuring a smooth skin fade and a long strip of hair in the center that can be styled any way they please.

Long Curly Hair

Boys with long, curly locks can opt for Finn Wolfhard’s textured spiky style for a quick, cute look. Consider a comb-over fade with a mid-bald fade haircut for a more sophisticated option.

Long Buzz Cut

Boys looking to stand out may opt for an extended buzz cut, which is easy to maintain and can be styled with designs or lineups for added effect.

Quiff Fade with Side Swept Bangs

One of the trendiest boys’ haircuts, this timeless classic will ensure that your child always appears polished and refined.

Afro Puff

Boys looking to stand out can try rocking a fro puff. This easy hairstyle can be done at home and looks incredibly cute. Use a hair gel with extra hold to achieve this style.

Temple Fades

Temple fades are an eye-catching look for black boys looking to embrace their natural textures and styles.

Afro Braid

This style emphasizes kinky, coiled locks and works well on boys with tight ringlets or full afros. Regular haircuts and styling products are required to maintain this bold appearance.