The Best Black Haircuts For Men

Afro Haircuts

Afro hair requires extra attention, yet can make an eye-catching statement. Exhibit your natural coils with a fro fade haircut that accentuates their beauty while adding flair with an intricate lineup or etching design. Try styling a short sponged afro with a low skin fade for a fresh and masculine style. This taper fade haircut is easy and versatile – offering multiple styling possibilities to boost your confidence!

High Top Haircuts

Try this black men’s haircut style for a clean look highlighting your face. The classic high-top cut is easy to maintain and suits most face shapes; Idris Elba has been seen sporting this look! Pair this look with a circle beard or short stubble for maximum impact.

Curly Tops

Curly tops offer another great style option, which makes for a unique yet masculine style. This medium-length style makes an excellent alternative to an afro and requires some work in keeping its curls intact, but its results speak for themselves when combined with a fade.

Low Skin Fades

Low skin fades are an ageless classic for black men, and can be enhanced with hook parts or line-up options to show off natural textures and suit both casual and formal attire.

Afro Haircuts

Afro haircuts are one of the best black hairstyles for curly hair, as they highlight natural curls while remaining low-maintenance and stylish. Additionally, this cut pairs well with disconnected beards or high skin fades.

Hi-Lo Fade Haircuts

The hi-lo fade haircut for black men offers another intriguing variation on the Afro haircut, featuring a combination of hook parting at the top and clean side-cutting to achieve an eye-catching, modern appearance.

Medium Afro Haircuts

Medium afro haircuts with curly or oily locks are increasingly popular among black guys, as they allow them to highlight their natural textures. This style stands out from the crowd and pairs well with neatly trimmed beards; use SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil