Best at Home Hair Gloss

Gloss is a semi-permanent color treatment that seals off hair cuticles and adds shine, typically lasting several washes before needing touch-ups.

John Frieda

Safe and Economical Hair Gloss for All hair Colors and Types

John Frieda offers an economic gloss safe for all hair colors and types, including natural ones. It is free from ammonia or peroxide and presents clear and tinted shades. Its soothing vegan oat milk and conditioning camellia oil leave hair feeling silky soft for silky soft results.

Maintain Color Richness and Radiance with a Good Gloss

Over time, hair color may appear duller and less vibrant due to exposure to heat, humidity, and daily activities like heat styling or shampooing. A good gloss can help keep the color looking rich and radiant. Stylists love John Frieda’s clear gloss for its smoothing and shining effects on all hair shades. This ammonia- and peroxide-free formula works daily postwash or weekly as a prewash treatment. It features shine enhancers for an optimal glossy finish and pore menders to repair damaged spots on each strand, helping your locks feel solid yet soft. This user-friendly gloss requires no mixing and only requires one 3-minute application. It is available in an assortment of toning shades suitable for most hair colors.

Rita Hazan

Salon-Grade Shine-Delivering Gloss for Ultimate Shine

Rita Hazan’s salon-grade gloss is designed to deliver salon-level shine, with ingredients including protein for strength and shea butter and jojoba oil for moisture retention. Its foaming texture makes the application super simple, and it offers a range of expert-approved shades from platinum to opal, giving you plenty of choices. Glosses like this are less damaging than dye, and many home colorists can use them continuously after consulting an expert. This gloss won’t lighten or lift your color, but its built-in bonder makes it great for canceling brassiness or adding tone without excessive pigmentation. It works on all hair colors, including dark ones, in an undetectable way!


Preserve Vibrant and Radiant Colors with Clear Gloss for Blondes

After a salon visit, preserving the vibrancy and radiance of your hair color is essential. Best at-home hair glosses and glazes can help neutralize brassiness, enhance tone, and increase shine. Pureology’s clear gloss for blondes is the go-to product to reduce brassiness and revive color without darkening or creating buildup. Its formula features soothing vegan oat milk and conditioning camellia oil for healthy, hydrated strands. Plus, it lasts up to eight washes! This product is suitable for colored or bleached hair as well.

Garnier Fructis

Maintain Vibrant and Glossy Locks Between Salon Appointments

The feeling of freshly dyed locks from a salon can fade quickly without proper care. Hair gloss is the best solution to keep your locks vibrant and glossy between salon appointments. Recent innovations make-at-home products even easier to maintain that salon-esque sheen. Garnier Fructis tinted gloss is ideal for cool-toned redheads and comes in five other hues. No developer is needed, and its foamy texture makes application effortless while adding moisture and strength to hair strands. This tinted gloss has been recommended by Rita Hazan of Rita Hazan Salon in NYC to her clients.