Top 5 Below Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women

An elegant shoulder-length cut requires layering your hair into a stacked and layered style for the most flattering results. Add face-framing layers for extra effect for a modern, eye-catching look!

Braids are an elegant option for medium-length hair and look incredibly gorgeous when worn in a half-up/half-down style.

This easy side chignon can be styled in minutes for added sophistication in any look.

Ponytail with Teased Top and Back

Sporty high ponytails now have an elegant counterpart! For an effortlessly sophisticated look, use a lightweight holding spray (we like Pureology’s Style Protect Lock It Down) to secure any flyaways, then comb through with a boar bristle teasing brush to control volume. Finally, gather back sections into a ponytail and secure with elastic (or claw clips for an added sexy touch) – For extra flair, tease out small sections of hair before wrapping them around the base of the ponytail as an extra special touch!

Make a statement without breaking the bank! Channel your inner diva in this look, perfect for date night or a flirty outing with your CBF. Pair it with an oversized band tee, ripped jeans, and Docs for an effortless yet casual yet sultry ensemble.

Half-Up Twist

This intricate half-down hairstyle may appear intimidating initially, but it is very straightforward and easy to pull off. Ideal for medium-length locks with some texture, this look works particularly well on those with curvier waves.

Start by creating a center part and gathering your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Twist and bring it over and under itself so that it forms a loop, then secure it with a clear hair tie. Add face-framing tendrils and spray with TRESemme TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray to book this gorgeous new style. Wear this elegant half-up look all day long while feeling confident! This is also an ideal style to wear to special events, particularly paired with floral hair accessories.


Undercuts might sound like something out of a frat party prank, but this style looks good on you. Shaving only your back and sides while leaving one side unconnected or blended into the top can give a clean cut, with thick locks benefiting the most as it adds volume to locks.

Thick, wavy hair looks fuller and more profound with this shoulder-length haircut that features gorgeous balayage and subtle dark-to-light color transitions. Additionally, this asymmetrical style works perfectly alongside long-side bangs, which can be styled to the left or right side of your face for maximum effect.

Popular among rebellious rock ‘n’ roll icons in the 1950s, today, the undercut has found new life among trendy hipsters across Brooklyn and Bethnal Green. While its sharp, low maintenance requirements require regular trimming with either a barber clipper or beard trimmer, its tight sides accentuate any hairstyle’s definition for round face shapes while adding definition.

Side Braid with Loose Locks

Side braids are a cute and charming way to style shoulder-length hair. Perfect for women of all ages.

Start by brushing through and clearing away knots or tangles from your hair. Aim for a sleek, tangle-free appearance and looser side braid. Brush hair to one side before sweeping it loosely into a loose braid.

This asymmetrical braiding technique makes an incredible face framer for heart-shaped faces. It accentuates cheekbones while drawing attention away from the nose, minimizing its prominence. Furthermore, the wavy length helps balance out narrow face structures perfectly. A brown ombre on salt and pepper hair adds beautiful texture while toning this shoulder-length bob with side-swept bangs into an eye-catching and vibrant style!

Spiral Bun

Experience an eye-catching style with this fun twist that adds style and distinction to an everyday bun. Start with a smoothed-out ponytail, then twist and coil the strands before tucking them under your topknot for a stylish finish. To minimize the appearance of elastic band usage, consider opting for clear ones instead.

Thick hair can often require extra help to tame, but this gorgeous layered bob haircut simplifies the task. An autumn brown caramel balayage adds a further dimension, making this medium-length haircut stand out.

While people often think long hair has more styling possibilities, medium-length tresses offer just as many braids, teasing, and updos opportunities. A simple crown braid looks exquisite when styled into a messy bun!