Below Shoulder Length Haircuts

Below, shoulder-length haircuts offer various styles to match any personality or facial structure. Whether you prefer long bobs or side-swept bangs, there is a haircut that will suit you perfectly! Adding textured waves can bring dimension and sophistication to your shoulder-length hairstyle. The soft and touchable waves complement the vibrant color palette of this hairstyle.

Long Layers

Long layers can give your hair a relaxed and natural look. It’s not the length of the layers but how well they blend with your hair’s structure and thickness. This style works well on all textures and sizes but is especially suited for thicker locks. Add long face-framing layers around your forehead to create a soft and elegant look. This is perfect for women with round or oval faces who want to highlight their eyes. It also works great for adding volume and structure to fine hair.

Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Try a layered bob with face-framing curtain bangs for a casual yet trendy look. This hairstyle is easy to maintain, requiring only some volumizing product and light hold spray. Left wavy, it creates an effortless, casual vibe that enhances your natural features. The long layers frame your face perfectly, while the side-swept bangs showcase beautiful eyebrows.

Side Bangs

Side bangs offer an effortless and casual approach to charges, framing the face and creating a playful style. These short fringes end above the eyes and cover most of the forehead, making them ideal for more prominent foreheads. Side bangs look fantastic on wavy hair types and easily stay in place with a quick mist of hairspray.

Long Layered Bob with Full Side-Swept Bangs

A long layered bob with full side-swept bangs is a stylish choice. The whole side sweep, choppy texture, and disheveled finish give this hairstyle a chic and playful edge. Take inspiration from Reese Witherspoon, who wears her black locks beautifully with a wispy side fringe, drawing attention to her eyes and cheekbones. If you have lighter strands, you can try this look with golden blonde balayage, and more extended boundaries can be pinned back for a more polished appearance.

Textured Hair

Textured hair refers to hair in its natural state, where individual strands curl or coil around each other, forming various shapes such as coils, spirals, or zig-zags. Understanding your hair’s texture can help you choose the right styling products and tools. Thick textured hair offers a wide range of low-maintenance styles, like an angled bob with face-framing strands and layered ends that add volume and movement. Pairing it with a warm-to-cool balayage color blend can enhance the overall look.

Layered Bob for Wavy or Curly Hair

Layered bobs are an excellent choice for those with wavy or curly hair (Type 2A or 2B). They help lighten up thick strands while defining the natural curl pattern. Padma Lakshmi showcases a shoulder-length layered bob with softly tousled waves, revealing a delicate color transition and gorgeous highlights. Choppy layers add an edgy touch and make thick strands appear less heavy when styled with a light blow dryer and a round brush attachment.

Fine Hair

A medium shag haircut featuring face-framing layers and a side part is ideal for any neckline, especially for those with fine hair. Run your finger over your strands to determine if they are okay or thick. You have fine locks if they feel lighter and thinner than thread. Adam Livermore, an international hairdressing educator and stylist, recommends adding layers with light pressure to maximize thickness in thin strands. Be careful not to add too many layers, as it can create chaos instead of fullness. In addition to getting the proper cut, use volumizing products like dry shampoos and styling sprays to add thickness to fine hair. For example, Perty