Haircuts That Hit Just Below Shoulder

Clyde Elezi, International Creative Director at The Drawing Room New York Salon, and Stephen Thevenot agree that a haircut just below the collarbone will look flattering on everyone. Furthermore, this medium-length style makes managing wavy or curly locks much simpler.

Old Hollywood Side Part

Try this Old Hollywood side part with face-framing layers for an elegant and sophisticated look. Its deep side part allows your locks to cascade down glamorously.

Long Bob

Women of almost all ages can wear the classic long bob haircut for any special event. Easy to style, this timeless hairstyle works for women of any texture, face shape, or hair color. Layers or curtain bangs can create feathery volumes for added choppiness, while its textured angled look complements oval-face shapes.

Add Foils and Balayage for a Sophisticated Long Bob

Add foils and balayage for a sophisticated long bob by softly texturing with foils and balayage, creating an organically grown outline with soft and soft dimensions. It pairs nicely with dark shadow roots. Add drama to a bob with dip dyeing or an ombre effect for extra drama. This style looks beautiful when layered, while an ombre effect works great on any hair color.

Messy Bob

Messy bobs are the ultimate low-maintenance style. All it takes to achieve the look is some texturizing pomade, and you’re set. The shoulder-length version in this photo features a deep side part and rich blonde highlights to bring its wavy texture alive! Wavy face-framing bobs are an effective way to showcase natural hair color while simultaneously emphasizing your jawline. This stunning blonde bob with brown roots and platinum tips shows how sophisticated a messy bob can look. Give your bob some added pizzazz by adding subtle balayage highlights. This edgy style works for women of all ages and any facial structure; its long layers make this style ideal for showing off a new hair color!

Balayage Bob

This balayage bob may be needed if you want to highlight your eyes with an eye-catching hair color. Combining subtle brown strands with platinum blonde balayage for an eye-catching yet natural appearance. Perfect for women who are okay with frequent visits to their stylist or salon! This chin-length cut also requires regular touch-ups! Wavy balayage bob haircuts offer an exciting way to add dimension and texture to a straight bob style, ideal for women with fine or consecutive locks, as it adds volume without adding weight. Rose Byrne’s shoulder-skimming bob proves that balayage works not only on long locks. The subtle yet striking pattern adds dimension and softness while framing her face beautifully.

Rachel Cut

Named for Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, the Rachel haircut became a classic of the 1990s and remains fashionable today. This layered chin-length style is suitable for women of all ages and face shapes and can be made more whole by frequent trims and using volumizing products such as gel. Aniston recently showcased her newly highlighted version of Rachel Aniston’s iconic haircut at the Paris premiere of Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2, making waves on the red carpet. While Aniston typically wears her locks more loosely curled, this new iteration boasts more movement with butter-blonde highlights for added dimension. Modern variations of the Rachel haircut feature slightly longer and softer styles than its predecessor yet still feature the signature face-framing flick. Regular trimming is required to keep it looking healthy – for best results, schedule a full trim every 4-6 weeks, and use heat protectant spray before blow-drying or flat ironing your locks to reduce damage.

Medium-Length Bob

This hairstyle is an excellent option for women with medium-length wavy or curly locks who are okay with styling it themselves! It is simple to maintain, yet still looks stunning when left to become messy! This medium inverted bob features a longer back length than the front, giving a curved appearance that’s great for anyone wanting a change without going too short. Depending on its styling, a blonde lob can transform you from princess-worthy to rock chick. Its versatility means it pairs well with nearly every ensemble!