Beige Blonde Hair Color

Beige blonde is the ideal hue for light skin tones, blending warm and cool shades for an effect similar to sandy beaches or the ocean.

Before Bleaching Your Hair

Before bleaching your hair, seek the advice of a colorist on a pre-lightening guide so you know how light the blonde hue will be.

Maintaining Beige Blonde Hair

Use color-protectant shampoos and conditioners to keep beige-blonde hair from fading over time.

Natural Beige

Natural beige shades are soft and sandy with a calm tone that complements almost all skin tones. They are suitable for balayage, shadow root techniques, highlights, or lowlights.

Choosing the Right Shade

When selecting the appropriate beige-blonde shade, professional advice is your best ally to guarantee results that meet your exact vision and to keep your locks healthy enough to accept color treatment.

Best Results for Beige Blonde Hair

Choose a hair dye with blue and violet pigments for best results. This will neutralize any yellow or orange tones present and ensure your beige-blonde shade remains an accurate, neutral shade.

Light Beige

Light beige blonde shade is light and sandy, making it suitable for most skin tones. It requires low maintenance.

Working with a Professional

Working with a professional is often best to achieve the desired light beige-blonde shade while minimizing damage.

Caring for Beige Blonde Hair

Beige-blonde hair requires special care. Add weekly deep conditioning treatments and heat protection sprays to your routine to prolong the hue.

Dark Beige

The dark beige blonde shade provides an ashy blonde with subtle beige and cool gray undertones. It works well on women with cool complexions.

Maintenance for Dark Beige Hair

Dark beige blonde shade requires regular touch-ups every two to three weeks. Use products designed specifically for colored hair to keep it nourished and vibrant.


Balayage creates a soft and sun-kissed effect, particularly stunning on medium-length wavy styles and curly locks.

Ideal Solution for All hair Types

Balayage highlights are ideal for all hair types and textures, from fine to coarse locks. They can range from subtle to striking, with the option to combine different colors.

Chic and Modern Beige Balayage

Beige balayage can be chic and modern, featuring a chocolate brown base paired with creamy caramel and golden blonde highlights for an eye-catching contrast. It works well on bob cuts and frames face features with the lighter tips slightly longer around them.