Beginner Short Dread Hairstyles

Beginner short dread hairstyles are an excellent way for ladies to achieve a dramatic yet classy appearance. This style is easy to maintain and doesn’t require constant retwisting.

Asymmetrical Dreads

Asymmetrical dreadlocks are beautiful and rebellious. They can be dyed and adorned with jewelry for a modern and trendy style.

Crinkle Dreads

Crinkle dreads offer an effortless casual style that is perfect for free spirits. They create cute kinks and waves in the hair, giving a relaxed and attractive look.

Half-Up Half-Down

A tight, pulled-back ponytail is a great way to highlight short locs and achieve a street-style star look. This style is suitable for both formal and casual events.

Barrel Twists

Barrel twists are a protective hairstyle that gives off an air of confidence. They can be customized by dyeing them with a rainbow of colors or experimenting with ombre effects.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an effortless style that works independently or combined with braided textures. They provide heatless curls and can be enhanced with added color.

Jumbo Bun

A jumbo bun is an elegant look that can be achieved once short dreads reach shoulder length. It creates an elegant and striking look, especially when dyed with a dark shade.


Ponytails make for an elegant casual style for beginner short dreadlocks. Curling the ponytail and adding some hair color can enhance the overall appearance.


Micro locs with interlocking are a great starting point for women looking to try dreadlocks. They require regular maintenance and take time to transition into traditional dreads.

Freeform Locs

Freeform locs have a natural aesthetic and minimal maintenance requirements. They work well for hair types like type 4c and frame the face beautifully.

Flower Loops

Flower loops combine twisted cornrows and dip-dyed dreads for an eye-catching, timeless style. Adding colors to the dreads enhances the overall look.

Rainbow Dyes

Add fun colors to your locks for a bold statement. If you’re hesitant to color all of your dreads, try dyeing just the tips for a peekaboo effect.