5 Beginner Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

Nothing says wedding season like an elegant yet textured updo. Start by using a volumizing hair tonic on damp strands before blow drying for best results. Emma Stone offers us an easy and romantic style: an intricate flower-adorned milkmaid braid. To recreate it yourself, dry day-old hair should be parted at its center for this stylish braid style.

1. Top Knot

Add face-framing tendrils for an eye-catching top knot style! This hairstyle works wonders on brides and bridesmaids looking for a less refined updo, as well as all hair textures. If your hair is too short for this style, clip-in extensions can add volume and length by matching their hue with that of your natural locks for seamless integration. Make an impression statement at any wedding with an elegant low bun that’s twisted and wrapped around the base of your top knot, suitable for most hair lengths and dresses alike! Add sparkling hair accessories for added shine!

2. Twisted Bun

This wedding hairstyle is both simple and gorgeous; it works equally well on short or long manes. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak recommends applying a mousse such as Authentic Beauty Concept’s mousse to damp locks before creating a low twisted bun and pinning its tail over each side of your head to secure its position beneath a hairband. Once all your hair is twisted into a bun, pin it down at the base of your scalp using 2-3 bobby pins to secure it. Feel free to embellish this look further with flowers or other accessories if desired! Saturate this look with some hairspray to extend its duration and create an elegant background for a bridal veil or other accessories.

3. Sleek Bun

One of the most fashionable wedding updos for brides-to-be is an elegant low bun, which looks stunning when worn with large earrings and complements many bridal accessories. Additionally, this style works for multiple bridal styles as it can add length and volume with extensions for additional length and thickness. This stylish yet relaxed hairstyle is ideal for medium to long-length locks, creating an elegant yet casual appearance. Begin with loose curls, and then tuck them into a sleek bun using bobby pins to secure them. Add braids or hair pieces for added sophistication, using hair spray to secure them all in place – the result will be a romantic yet classic style perfect for weddings and other formal events.

4. French Braid

The classic French braid is timeless, refined, and elegant – and works beautifully on most hair textures. Wear with or without a veil; embellish with flowers or pearls to complete this style for a less formal wedding look. This style makes an excellent option for brides seeking less formal styles for their ceremony day! To create a French braid, begin with one proportionate section of hair. Take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand before repeating this process with the right strand until the first braid is complete. Continue your French braid until there’s no more hair to work with, securing the end with an elastic band when there are just two inches remaining to hide any stray strands and add an elegant finish.

5. Side-Swept Braid

Side-swept braids are a timeless yet feminine way to frame your face on your big day, creating an exquisite frame for you and your guests to admire. Leave some wisps loose for softening purposes, or secure with hairspray and pins for maximum effect. Start this beginner-easy wedding hairstyle by brushing and detangling your locks to ensure they’re as smooth as possible, then select which shoulder the braid should rest upon and divide your locks into two equal sections. Use a bottom section and create a Dutch braid, braiding until it reaches your back hairline, pancaking the braid for an even flatter and wider effect. Repeat this process with the top section before joining them together by securing the braid with bobby pins and adding hairspray – and get ready to celebrate!