Beginner Easy Hairstyles For Kids

Most little girls enjoy styling their hair, but sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. If you are the parent responsible for styling their locks, this beginner, easy hairstyle for kids can quickly be learned within minutes and put into action.

Try something more manageable like a rope braid or bubble ponytail – they both look adorable while keeping her hair out of her face when playing sports or participating in activities such as ballet.

A simple high puff hairstyle is an iconic look that works on almost all lengths. To elevate this style, add an eye-catching head scarf or braid cuffs for an elevated finish. Additionally, spray leave-in conditioner on your locks for added moisture and added shine.

Try wearing two puffs on your crown with a wide side part and sleeked-down edges for an adorable yet protective hairstyle. Add bold lip color or cute earrings for extra flair.

As an eye-catching prom look, try this cascading puff hairstyle for prom. Perfect for those with shorter or kinkier curls, this look helps conceal ends while creating an appealing face frame. Create a typical high puff or pineapple before pinning up and blending with front bangs for this effortless style – Aquage Molding Megagel will ensure that puff buns remain secure all night long!

There are a variety of adorable hairstyles for little girls that do not require braiding. One such hairstyle is the classic pigtail. Tie her hair down the center and secure one side at the nape of her neck using a clip to achieve it.

One adorable way to tame her hair is to create cascading curls or a four-strand knot braid. For this latter option, start with a three-strand braid and add more strands to make the fourth strand in the middle before tying all remaining strands into a ponytail and pinning back the front strands with bobby pins.

If your daughter has long and thick locks, taming it into a half-up French braid or crisscross style can also make for an eye-catching style for special events and everyday school life. Add an adorable hair bow for extra flair.

If your girl wants a cute yet accessible style, try the Bubble Braid. This adorable look requires slightly more complexity than your standard ponytail: part her hair into two even sections and braid two mini bubble ponies until reaching the nape of the neck before continuing into a regular braid pattern and finishing off with bows for a school-ready look!

Slim Reshae makes French braiding look easy in his YouTube tutorial. It requires a comb with a pick, clear elastics, and bobby pins – the ideal picture-day hairstyle that won’t take hours to complete! Before starting, this style is also great for older girls!

Flower crowns are an exquisite way to add beauty and femininity to any girl’s look, be it natural or faux blooms. Perfect for special events like weddings!

A double waterfall braid is critical to this chic yet romantic hairstyle. Add a string of flowers, such as baby’s breath or gypsophila, to its top for a stunning, feminine touch that creates a breathtaking result.

As children lead increasingly busy lives, finding time for haircare can become challenging. Don’t fret: these simple hairstyles will give your daughter a stylish look perfect for school, dance class, or gymnastics without you needing to put in hours doing it all yourself! Furthermore, these styles will keep her locks out of her face so she can focus on everything else on her plate!