Beginner Easy Hairstyles For Girls

Whether it’s for school, ballet class, or even an ordinary birthday party, girls sometimes need quick and simple hairstyles that will make them feel polished and ready for their day. Check out these beginner-friendly hairstyles for girls to find one they will adore.

Low Ponytail

Girls with long fine strands often choose a low ponytail as an everyday style, as this classic look can easily be dressed up or down depending on what’s happening and their preferences. Adding attractive hair bow ties is one way to elevate this half-up look. Add an eye-catching braided ponytail for added style! Perfect for school, birthday parties, or simply enjoying time at the park! Your daughter will feel beautiful and confident. This style will draw lots of compliments!

Make an impression statement with this trendy double ponytail style! Create a low ponytail secured with an elastic band and another ponytail directly behind it before connecting them using a hair tie – an effortless look perfect for showing off girly accessories or vintage mod vibes!

Side Braided Bun

The side braided bun is an adorable style suitable for all lengths and textures of hair, particularly when combined with daisy chains and flower crowns to complete its look on photo day or other special events like birthday parties.

To achieve this look, brush out and detangle your child’s hair thoroughly, ensuring it is devoid of tangles. Next, divide her locks into two equal portions and secure one with a hair tie. Finally, she braided the left part of their hair until it reached reached the base of her head. For added flair, you could add hair stickers or an embellished bow on top of her bun for an additional special touch. This style is impressive at dress-up parties, dance classes, everyday wear, and special events like weddings, proms, or other special occasions.

Classic Pigtails

No matter her occasion, this look will make her look like royalty or want her hair out of her face. This style consists of two inside-out French braids crisscrossed across each other to form an eye-catching design on the back of her head; additional decorative elements may include an eye-catching ribbon and pin.

Your girl with long hair will adore this elegant style that takes her pigtails to the next level. Starting with a deep side part and pulling the hair into two alternating pigtails that climb the back of her head to end in cute little hair bows, your daughter will surely adore this unique and stunning style!

Just one spritz of volumizing spray is all it takes to give this simple yet effortless style an eye-catching upgrade – creating a soft, feminine, romantic updo perfect for date night or special events.

Twisted Bun

This adorable girl hairstyle works beautifully for any age or hair texture, making it easy to do quickly in the morning but still looking fantastic for special events or photo days. Just add texturizing spray, and you’re good to go.

This unique twist on the traditional ponytail can add flair and distinction. Begin by creating a low ponytail, and add one final pull, stopping short to form a loop. Now wrap this loop around itself to form a twisted bun – secure it as necessary with bobby pins for added security!

This style is ideal for girls with longer hair who want a stylish top knot look. Make it more beautiful by adding face-framing strands, then secure it with some hairspray to keep it in place all day. Be patient! Finding your ideal top knot might take several attempts before it looks right! Plus, it can involve kids in caring for their locks!