Layered Haircuts – Before and After

Layers add volume, interest, and movement to any haircut.

Layers are a great way to add volume, interest, and movement to any haircut. They can transform a plain hairstyle into a more dynamic and stylish look.

Long layers accentuate curls while adding structure and dimension.

Long layers are particularly suited for curly hair as they enhance the natural curl pattern while adding structure and dimension.

Bob: a versatile haircut for every hair texture.

The bob is a popular and versatile haircut that works well on all hair textures. It can be tailored to suit different face shapes and hair types, ranging from thin to coarse.

Different bob styles for different hair types.

Various bob styles are suitable for different hair types. From tapered collarbone cuts to chin-length angled bobs, there are options to flatter all face shapes. Layered bob styles are ideal for thick or coarse locks and can be styled with bangs for a trendy look.

Light blonde balayage for a versatile chin-length bob.

Adding light blonde balayage to a chin-length bob creates a versatile hairstyle that can be worn sleek, straight, or tousled for added volume. It’s suitable for both work and evening events.

Wavy, chin-length bobs with bangs offer style flexibility.

Wavy, chin-length bobs with bangs can easily be styled for both work and play. By adding texture with a curling iron or dry texturizing spray, you can achieve a chic and versatile hairstyle.

Layers enhance wavy hair.

Wavy hair can significantly benefit from layers as they amplify the natural texture and create a more flattering silhouette. Kristen Stewart’s chic layered pixie cut is an excellent example of how layers can enhance wavy hair.

It achieves a similar look for wavy hair.

To look similar to Kristen Stewart’s layered pixie cut, apply a texturizing product to damp hair and blow dry using a paddle brush for light volume. Use a round brush to create flips in the layers and finish with a lightweight holding spray.

Medium-layered haircuts for a unique twist.

Medium-layered haircuts are an excellent option for those who can’t decide between a classic short bob or long tresses. Wavy shags with face-framing layers work particularly well on specific face shapes and add movement and dimension to medium-density strands.

Long layered haircuts for thick hair.

Long-layered haircuts are ideal for those with thick hair that needs shaping. Adding face-framing layers and length at the bottom creates a flattering frame around the face, similar to Halle Berry’s iconic hairstyle.

Wavy bobs and lobs for a versatile look.

Wavy bobs and lobs are an excellent compromise for those unsure which length suits them best. Ask your stylist to create deliberately staggered layers for a beachy look.

Long wavy layers for fine or thin hair.

Long wavy layers can work wonders for those with fine or thin hair. They add structure and dimension to any style, making the hair appear fuller. Volumizing products can also help enhance the fullness of the locks.

Layered haircuts for Asian hair.

Asian hair tends to be straight and thick, but adding layers can add movement and interest to the cut. Layers can also create face-framing effects and eliminate bulk for an elegant and feminine style.

Highlights and customized styles for Asian hair.

Highlights can further customize an Asian hairstyle. For example, a cool brown hue can warm naturally dark strands, while balayage creates texture depth for added dimension.

Chic short bob with rounded layers and side-swept bangs.

Consider a short bob with rounded layers and side-swept bangs for a chic and contemporary look. This style draws attention away from any facial flaws while adding freshness with blonde highlights.

Classic chin-length blunt bob with waves and caramel balayage.

The classic chin-length blunt bob looks stunning on Asian hair, especially when complemented with soft waves and caramel balayage highlights. Face-framing bangs complete this flattering and sensual style.