Beautiful Styles With Dark Orange Hair Colors

Beautiful sunset-colored orange hair will frame your face beautifully. Create this look by dyeing the roots orange and allowing them to fade gradually into natural blonde hues.

An orange melts on long, wavy hair, creating an elegant and feminine style. To quickly achieve this style, start with a dark brown base color and add yellow baby lights.


Bright orange hair can make an eye-catching statement. Instead of dyeing your whole head, add highlights for a more subtle look. This works well for anyone with the right complexion.

This style features dark roots with gradually lightened yellow and orange highlights. Pair it with a blunt fringe for maximum impact.

Light Peach Orange Shade

Try a light peach-orange shade for a softer alternative to bold colors like magenta. This works well with fair skin tones and shoulder-length haircuts.


Wearing vibrant orange hair without looking too bold is possible with a well-done ombre. Try a light blonde base with yellow, pink, and red splashes for a stylish money-piece look.

Rose gold has become a popular trend, and now it can be incorporated into your hair with an ombre. Start with warm brown roots and transition to honey blonde before finishing with platinum blonde ends.

Long Wavy

Show off your long, wavy hair with an elegant style. Create a low-side ponytail with a thick front fringe for an eye-catching look.

This captivating orange look blends various hues using the balayage technique. Cherry red roots, vibrant yellow-orange, and festive tangerine create a warm and stunning combination.

This fashionable wavy hairstyle features two thin braids at the crown that interlock. The remaining hair is pulled back into a semi-high ponytail for a loose, textured finish.


The peekaboo coloring technique allows you to experiment with color on a small section of hair. This creates contrast and depth without coloring all of your hair.

Add chunky streaks of crimson for a fiery red peekaboo effect on your bob. Alternatively, try subtle lavender peekaboo effects for a softer look.

Peekaboo highlights look stunning on any hair length, incredibly shorter styles. Blondes can try pastel pink or lilac shades for added dimension and brightness.

Textured Waves

This vibrant orange hue stands out beautifully on a pixie cut. It works well for women with more subdued skin tones.

This look features textured waves with a bit of mullet, creating depth and a statement style. It works on various hair lengths without overemphasizing one specific size.

This stunning look showcases yellow-orange hues with dark roots and festive tangerine streaks. It creates an electric appearance reminiscent of fireworks and works best on medium or light blonde hair.


Dyeing long, curly hair orange can create an eye-catching style. Consider adding black lowlights for extra dimension.

Try orange on a long, wavy bob for a vibrant yet elegant style. It adds vibrancy without looking harsh or outlandish.

If you prefer an intense shade of orange, consider a burnt pumpkin shade with subtle streaks of blonde. This works best for women with darker skin tones.