How to Style Beautiful Short Hair to Complement Your Face Shape

Some individuals shy away from short hair because they believe it won’t flatter their features, but this versatile style works with almost all facial structures.

Angled Pixie Haircut

For instance, this angled pixie haircut seamlessly balances soft top layers with the edge of short sides. To achieve it, apply mousse or gel to damp hair before blow-drying blowdrying and finishing with a hair spray for extra hold.

Tousled and Texturized

A tousled and texturized short hairstyle could be just the thing for an edgy and relaxed style. By shaping and texturizing your locks with wax or pomade while damp, you can sculpt different shapes while adding textures – then use either a blow dryer or hot curling iron to dry them!


Style your pixie cut elegantly using uniform S-shaped waves created with a flat iron by switching its direction during each pass, finishing the style with texturizing spray for texture and volume. This hairstyle looks best on girls with fine to medium strands.

Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles can be very chic on women with angular faces. Light blonde tresses showcase this look beautifully; use thickening gel for fuller locks.

Beachy Aesthetic

Ciara’s textured bob proves that you don’t require waist-length hair to create a beachy aesthetic. All it takes to achieve an effortlessly casual and sophisticated beachy style is some heat protectant, curling wand use, and salt spray; add an attractive pearl-shaped barrette or headband, and you are done.


No matter the length or texture, every hair length benefits from an expert blowout that adds volume and shape. To create this pretty pearl hair barrette look, use a heat protectant, round brush, and drying time to create smooth waves that flatter your face and neckline. Alternatively, short strands can be styled into spiked style using lightweight styling pomades like L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Overworked hair Putty; work small amounts through each strand until spiky spikes appear on both the top and back of your head.

Create a Middle Part

A middle part is an effective way to add flair to your look without needing a haircut. This style looks best on straight locks while softening curlier tresses and emphasizing specific facial structures while softening others. Add some edge by incorporating fades on both the sides and back, or try coloring light brown to complement natural highlights in your locks. If you want a feminine take on this trend, try double French braiding. The middle part accentuates your features, while wavy front strands add visual interest and will look fantastic no matter the outfit you pair it with. This look also works well if you have thin hair, as it will help highlight natural textures and volumes within.

Try a New Hair Color

Your short haircut can genuinely stand out by selecting the ideal hair color. Aim to find shades that complement your skin tone, highlight eye colors, and flatter your facial structure for maximum impact. Cool blonde balayage makes an eye-catching statement at any length but is particularly stunning on shorter strands, such as this chin-length bob, featuring toasty golden tones that fade into flaxen brown at its ends. Rich mahogany brown is a timeless hue that adds drama and dimension to any cut, concise ones. With its subtle copper highlights, this ombre shade gives this rich hue dimension and drama. If you want a bolder hair color choice, consider holographic hues. This trendy trend features pastel-hued pastels carefully placed onto a platinum-blonde base for an eye-catching look.