Beautiful Long Hair Styles

Long hair allows women to achieve all manner of looks, from braids and coils to mermaid waves. Long locks have become known to give women younger, healthier eyes while being more feminine than short styles. Layers of long hair add volume and can make fine strands appear thicker. Wear these voluminous styles daily, or dress them up for special events!

Loose Ponytail

Ponytails are an elegant and timeless style. To spice it up a bit more, add accessories like silk scarves, rhinestone bobby pins, vintage clips, flowery hair vines, or colorful hair wraps, and take your ponytail style one step further! An elegant low-side messy ponytail looks particularly flattering on those with round faces. Part your hair down the center, gather half to one side, and secure it with elastic. Finish it by leaving some flyaways near your hairline for a lived-in finish. This look works beautifully for natural hair textures of all sorts, from relaxed waves and tight spirals to afro styles. If you have an ombre wig, use this style to show off its various highlight shades! Just be sure only to tie your ponytail when your locks are dried, as doing otherwise may result in breakage and snags.

Soft Curls

There are so many beautiful ways to style loose curls. You can leave them as is for an effortless beachy vibe or pull your locks back into a soft ponytail for added volume and bounce. For delicate bouncy coils that last all day long, mist your waves with a heat protector and use a product enriched with coconut oil, such as Garnier Fructis Curl Stretch Loosening Pudding which contains this ingredient for long-term moisture. Doing this will prevent dryness and frizz for sleek results every time! If your hair falls between 2A-3C in texture, try utilizing a moisturizing product designed to aid elasticity, such as Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. This light-hold curl lotion was created to make Jelly Soft curls without crunchy bits – the ultimate soft coil hair gel!

Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical lobs offer the perfect opportunity to explore texture and volume without committing to a more extended cut. Asymmetrical lobs typically feature blunt ends with one side longer than the other for an effortlessly elegant and glamorous appearance. To add dimension, consider balayage coloring or losing waves like Rose Byrne did for extra dimension in her look. For a dramatic effect, try layering your long hair with asymmetrical bangs for added drama and framing your face beautifully; for an eye-catching touch of color, consider trying out an ombre look. Asymmetrical styles look fabulous on women of all ages and face shapes. Round and oval-shaped faces would benefit from opting for an asymmetrical layered bob that hits around their chin or collarbone; for square/heart-shaped faces, longer styles that reach shoulders may be better.

Asymmetric Curls

Curly or straight hair, an asymmetrical cut can make you look both modern and fashionable. Your stylist must take great care when styling this look at your appointment; otherwise, it could become difficult for you to disguise its asymmetry when necessary. Make an impression statement with an asymmetrical long bob with waves for some extra fun and mystery in your look. This stylish cut can look seductive and fashionable in deep marsala or pink hues. This cute asymmetrical long bob can also be worn with bangs to emphasize your facial features even more. The longer layers on one side help accentuate your eyes while softening your facial structure. This easy hairstyle will surely turn heads! Adding texturizing hair serum and blow drying with a round brush takes just minutes! Finally, using curling irons for loose waves before misting with sea salt spray gives a sexy finish that makes any event memorable!