5 Men’s Hairstyles That Flatter Any Face Shape

Attractive hair is a sign of style and class for men. From short, sophisticated cuts to rugged man buns and bold faux hawks, numerous stylish men’s hairstyles complement every face shape.


Pompadours have been popular hairstyles since their first appearance. This timeless hairstyle can make a powerful statement when used with matte products and texturizers. It’s an excellent option for men looking to add formal flair or wear one to the office.

The modern pompadour has short sides and a fuller top featuring sharp edges. It can be styled using taper fade, low fade, or high fade techniques; finding one to suit your face shape is critical!

A textured pompadour is another modern style perfect for those with wavy locks. To achieve the look, begin with a low fade haircut before adding texture on top by applying small amounts of pomade. Finally, use an appropriate pomade product to provide lift and definition to complete this look.

Faux Hawk

The faux Hawk (fohawk) is an alternative to the mohawk hairstyle that features variable lengths on both the sides and top, spiked up with hair product to give it rockstar appeal – perfect for men who wish to look stylish without going all-in on a full mohawk!

To achieve the faux hawk look, start by shaving your sides and back of your head before using a 4 guard to cut the center top section – it will determine how high up you can style your faux Hawk! Add an edge to your faux Hawk with a fade or beard for a striking contrast that stands out. Dye your hair for added color – both options look great on kids and adults!


The quiff is an eye-catching hairstyle with ample volume at its base and swept back towards one side, creating an eye-catching style suitable for formal occasions or casual events. Additionally, this classic cut complements most face shapes and hair types.

Quiffs make an unforgettable statement when worn correctly, creating a strong message about you and your personality. A Premium men’s hair gel can give it rigidity and height, while hairspray for men will add shine and give a bit of shimmer to complete the look.

While pompadours may be considered one of the sexiest haircuts, quiffs have a unique appeal that stands out. Perfect for any special event or professional setting, this hairstyle makes an impression statement about who you are while providing a polished and professional appearance. Perfect for anyone seeking stylishness without going all-out with full pompadour styling; ideal if you have long or thick locks!


Although some may find those having trouble growing beards odd or unfamiliar, there is no need for them to feel insulted; beard growth is part of nature and should be respected. Additionally, products exist explicitly designed to aid growth while keeping it healthy.

Whoever opts for this style should consider adding beard oil to their hair care regimen, as this will soften soften their facial hair, protect their skin from dryness and irritation, and easily dispense product onto fingertips to spread throughout their beard. Many containers allow this easy access.

Men who sport beards are seen as more masculine, mature, and have higher social status. Additionally, they’re seen as more trustworthy and reliable partners; seen as better fathers or partners – all qualities which may have evolved as evolutionary adaptations that assist with mating processes.