Beautiful Black Hairstyles

African communities have for centuries used hairstyles to express more than fashion: braids, cornrows, and locs are worn as symbols of tribe membership, religion practiced by members, age, and marital status. Black women continue to embrace natural styles, but now have even more choices available to them when it comes to hair updos. No matter the length or texture of their locks, there’s sure to be an elegant black updo fit for every special event!

Dreadlock wearers have many stylish ways to style them. One way is to pack them into a high bun and accessorize for an opulent look – ideal for special events such as proms or weddings. This black updo hairstyle would look fantastic as an updo hairstyle as well! A twisted ponytail is another charming black updo that adds an elegant touch to your look. The twists elongate your face while creating an eye-catching elevation above your forehead; for extra style, you could use colorful hair accessories as accents in this look. Chandra Wilson of Grey’s Anatomy showcases an elegant soft wavy curly updo that would be ideal for homecoming or prom. Her face-framing girls curls are stunning while the loose strands hanging off her shoulder add an eye-catching finishing touch.

For women of African-descent, the best black hair updos are those that keep your locks looking both tidy and chic. Alicia Keys showcased an elegant pompadour-style twist updo during her recent appearance at the Michael Kors fashion show; Zoe Saldana looked lovely sporting a half up-half down twisted style at the Book of Life premiere. This updo is ideal for black women with longer locks. Featuring flat twists and cornrows that move upward, framing their face for an edgy look, it requires minimal upkeep for maximum effect. It is simple and effective! This twisted updo is great for medium to long natural hair, as it works with both braids and natural strands. Reminiscent of a high bun, this style can also work at formal events thanks to the unique criss-cross pattern of its strands that’ll garner you plenty of compliments from others. Wear with bold headbands or accessories for even more oomph!

Black updos with cornrows can be extremely dramatic and glamorous. Perfect for weddings or exotic evening events, this afro hairstyle boasts unique angled cornrows that set it apart from more conventional Black braid styles. Medium layered twists are an effortless and quick way to protect natural locks. Ideal for short strands such as those found in bob cuts or pixie length curls, medium layered twists are an elegant look with just a bit of care needed in this protective style. Tuck them all away into a low bun to further elevate this hairstyle’s elegance. Curly faux hawks can add an edge to any feminine Afro hairstyle. Add an embellished headband for extra emphasis.

This classic low bun updo resembles a high ponytail that has been twisted and folded over into a low bun look, creating a beautiful natural hairstyle perfect for special events and ideal for highlighting black hair’s beauty. No matter the occasion or event you’re attending, this elegant black updo is guaranteed to add some glamour and class. Use texturing spray and bobby pins for maximum effectiveness! If you like the look of the frohawk but don’t want to shave off any part of your head, try this space buns mohawk instead! It’s easy and elegant at the same time – perfect for black hair! If you’re short on time in the morning, try this casual yet stylish hairstyle for black women. Leave some bangs loose to highlight your features before pulling back the rest into a simple chignon at the nape of your neck and smoothing flyaways with styling gel for a complete look.