How to Make Beach Waves Short Hair Stylish and Unique

Beach waves for short hair can make a striking and fashionable style statement. Add faint waves using a flat iron for an effortlessly carefree beach aesthetic to achieve this look.

Sadora Paris’s Heatless Overnight Beach Waves

Vlogger Sadora Paris shows us how to achieve beautiful heatless overnight beach waves using only a flat iron. Cover your hair in salt spray before sleeping on it for an hour. When you wake up, tousle it out, and voila! Perfect heatless beach waves.

Loose Waves for Wavy Bob Haircuts

Wavy bob haircuts provide plenty of creative potential. No wonder women with short, textured locks often turn to this style. Loose waves in a wavy bob can bring life and movement to your hair. To achieve loose waves with 4c hair, use the technique from vlogger Jessica Pettway. Apply curl cream to brushed-out hair, twist small sections around your fingers, and pin with bobby pins. Sleep on braids overnight and remove them in the morning to reveal gorgeous curls for a surfer look!

Heatless Waves with Sea-Salt Spray

Heatless waves can also be achieved using sea-salt spray. Apply the spray to your strands and create two or three braids before sleeping on them for about an hour or two. When you unravel the braids in the morning, mist them with texturizing spray for that beachy vibe!

Sleek Waves for an Elegant Look

Even subtle waves can give your short bob an elegant and feminine aesthetic. To achieve sleek locks, curl thin, straight strands at the crown of your head into soft beachy waves. Create an asymmetrical side parting, leaving any remaining hair unstructured and flowing loosely behind. Use clips, hairspray, and either soft curling cream or a styling wand for this heat-free style.

Bouncy Waves for Pixie, Bob, or A-line Haircuts

Ladies with pixie, bob, or A-line haircuts will adore the bouncy beach waves in this stunning hairstyle. Adding highlights to your bouncy waves can make your hair stand out even further, adding impact. Use heat-free methods like braiding your locks with sea salt spray or a triple styling iron. Avoid overdoing it, and use light-hold finishing spray instead of rigid waves for a more natural look.

Natural Waves with Wavy Bob Haircut

Attaining naturally messy beach waves on short hair can look stunning and put-together. A wavy bob haircut works wonders, allowing for more significant movement. Use a curling wand and finger raking, or add texture with sea salt spray for more natural-looking waves. Hair wavers, aka deep wavers, offer another great alternative for getting beach waves without flat-ironing first.

Remember to work section by section and roll your hair around the iron or use pin curls until your hair dries entirely for an “ionic-type” crimped effect. Vlogger Sadora Paris famously achieves her sun-kissed beach waves using this method.