Basic Male Haircuts

Like the classic crew cut, men’s haircuts offer a clean, timeless style suitable for most hair textures. Its length varies between short on the sides and back and approximately finger distance on top, giving an easygoing, unfussy style perfect for all.

Quiffs and Pompadours

Men’s hairstyles such as quiffs and pompadours exude dapper charm, with styles like quiffs and pompadours creating an effortlessly chic appearance that can be styled in multiple ways. Combine this look with medium or low fade for an effortlessly stylish yet easy-to-manage style!


A shag can be worn at any length and suits facial hair of all varieties. The classic style features choppy layers with fullness on the crown that gradually tapers to thinner ends. Still, you can work with your barber to craft more subdued designs featuring soft layered haircuts for an alternative finish.

Curly or Wavy Shag Haircut

Curly or wavy men looking for an effortless style should opt for this shag haircut, which features shoulder-length layers with fringe or bangs to frame their faces and add drama. As some men prefer shorter fringe lengths than others, be sure to discuss this preference with your barber beforehand.

Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is a variation of the classic shag style popular among skaters for its effortlessly cool finish and unstructured aesthetic. It combines shag and mullet styles, featuring heavier layers at the crown that thin toward its ends.


Undercut is an iconic hairstyle with many advantages, from creating a sharp and refined aesthetic to hiding receding hairlines with tight sides that help hide. Furthermore, this haircut can be styled in various ways – hard part or fade are both options available to achieve this look.

Best Suited for Round or Square Face Shapes

This haircut is best suited for people with round or square face shapes, as it accentuates their volume on top while giving an angular finish. Although more complex than other soft haircuts, this hairstyle may require frequent trips to a barber.

Styling Tips for Undercut

For an undercut with style, start with some hair wax to shape it and add texture. Next, use a quality shampoo and conditioner such as Dove Men Care Strengthening Shampoo, which contains caffeine and triazole actives to keep your mane looking strong – helping it grow faster while remaining healthier!


A pompadour is a timeless look, which can be styled in numerous ways. To create the classic pomp look, aim for an obvious contrast between short sides and back and longer hair on top – this may be done through either uniform pomp styling or by adding fades into the mix for a unique twist!

Best for Round and Oval Face Shapes

Round and oval face shapes benefit most from this style as it adds height and elongates the face shape. However, high-volume pumps can be challenging to pull off on smaller faces; therefore, high-volume pumps should be avoided altogether.

Styling Tips for Thick Hair

Modern pomps are your best bet for men with thick hair to create an effortlessly dapper and sophisticated look. Textured pomps have also become trendy this year and work particularly well if your locks have waves or coils; both styles require easy upkeep but require the use of pomade to give that polished finish.


Similar to its pompadour counterpart, the flair is an elegant top-heavy style for medium-length hair that works best when combed backward. Although less dramatic than pompadour styles, this one adds style when done correctly.

Hard Part Haircut

The hard part haircut can create an air of sophistication, similar to that of the pompadour. Like its counterpart, this style can be enhanced with a sharply magnifying part; to maximize its effects, use quality mousse as this provides adequate hold without appearing flat or sticky; it pairs nicely with fades or taper cuts on either side for additional effect.