Men’s Barbercuts

Businessman Cut

The Businessman Cut is an iconic, masculine haircut with a sharp and professional appearance. It pairs well with a beard or stubble and is excellent for boardroom presentations. It has minimal maintenance requirements, saving time in the morning.

Short Pompadour

The short pompadour is ideal for men with medium-length hair. It creates the illusion of thicker and fuller locks and is suitable for bald men as it draws attention away from receding hairlines. Pomade or hair gel can be used for a sleek finish.

Taper Fade

The taper fade is a timeless businessman hairstyle that can be customized to individual preferences. Different patterns or symbols can be added on the sides for a personalized touch.


The undercut is an eye-catching hairstyle where the back and sides of the head are shaved while leaving longer hair on top. It offers various styling options, from slicked back to messy texture. It has become popular among youth culture and is now a staple in men’s wardrobes. Regular touch-ups at the barber shop are recommended to maintain the style.

Line Up

The Line Up haircut, also known as an Edge Up or Shape Up cut, features clean lines around the hairline and temples. It works well with any hair length and is particularly suited for short haircuts. It can be enhanced with hair gel or putty for added style.


The fade is a popular barbershop cut that gradually blends hair lengths across the back and sides for a faded effect. It can be customized with different heights, such as high fade or low fade. A temple fade can help frame the eyes beautifully. This style works well with wavy or curly hair and can be worn with beards and mustaches.


Tapers and fades are similar cuts that reduce hair length until it reaches the natural hairline on the sides and back of the head. It’s essential to communicate with your barber to get the desired style, as the differences between taper and fade can be subtle.