How to Style Bangs in Hairstyle 2020

Bangs Options for Every Style

Bangs have the power to transform your look by framing your eyes, nose, and jawline in a captivating way. There are various bang options available that can work well to communicate these features and draw attention to specific areas of your face. These options include full and blunt bangs, as well as wispier versions.

Long, Piecey, or Layered Bangs for a Rocker Chic Vibe

For a rocker-chic vibe, you can consider long, piecey, or layered bangs. These types of charges can be discussed with your stylist, and they add a stylish edge to your look. Another option to try for something different is a beachy bob with a fringe.

Side-Swept Bangs for a Softened Face

A side-swept fringe is perfect for softening your face and can be worn at various lengths. This style works exceptionally well on long hair with natural, straight, blonde locks. It can also benefit wider face shapes by creating the illusion of a shorter forehead. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to cut your most extended face-framing layer with an offset to one side.

Blunt Bangs and Their Upkeep

Blunt bangs, also known as traditional bangs, require more care in terms of upkeep. The edges of blunt bangs must be regularly trimmed to maintain a fresh look. You can consider opting for a shaggy cut to add movement and volume to your blunt bangs. This hairstyle looks great when styled with waves or curls. You can spray texturizing spray for a softer finish to give it more body without feeling heavy.

Shag Cut for Texture and Volume

Shag cuts are an excellent way to add texture and volume while maintaining the length of your hair. This look, made famous by celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, starts narrower at the top and gradually widens around the face. It is suitable for many facial shapes. You can add layers beneath your forehead for a more subdued take on a shag haircut. These layers will frame your face and give off a “70s chic” aesthetic, perfect for ponytails or half-up buns.

Low Maintenance Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great option if you prefer something simple in terms of bang styles. They accentuate your face while remaining low maintenance. You can easily style them into an eye-catching topknot when feeling playful. Side-swept bangs work beautifully on most face shapes, especially heart-shaped ones, and are versatile with various hair colors.

Face-Framing Layers for Dimension and Softness

Face-framing layers are an effective way to add dimension and softness to any look. They work well across different hair textures and lengths. Curled or straightened, face-framing layers look incredibly gorgeous when styled back into a sleek bob cut. They also help balance long faces by framing each cheekbone. You can even enhance this cut by choosing an unconventional color.

Softening Square-Shaped Faces with Wispy Face-Framing Bangs

For individuals with square-shaped faces, long or wispy face-framing bangs can help soften their hard lines. This style also works well on oval-shaped faces and can be worn with a side parting or center part.

Curling Face-Framing Layers with Ease

You can use a flat iron or curling rod to quickly and effortlessly curl your face-framing layers. Before styling, protect your strands by spritzing them with heat protectants, such as L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray.

Faux Bangs as an Alternative

If you want the look of bangs but aren’t ready to commit, faux bangs can be the ideal alternative. They are easy to create and versatile, complementing any style. To achieve fake bangs, gather your hair into a high ponytail. Smooth and secure it with hairspray. Next, pull back a thin section of hair from the crown area to create your faux fringe. Trim it if necessary to fall right over your eyebrows. Finally, secure the fake bangs to the base of your ponytail with bobby pins to keep them in place. You can add volume at the roots using Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo Mist.