Hairstyles For Balding Older Men

Jude Law and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are examples of celebrity men proving that even older balding men can look fashionable and hot when correctly accessorized with hairstyles covering any bald spots and fitting their facial structure.

A simple crew cut is ideal for men with thinning hair because it’s easy to maintain and style. For something extra stylish, try Pompadour or textured quiffs if desired.

Buzz Cut

A traditional buzz cut is an effortless, low-maintenance style requiring regular trimming with clippers. Additionally, this classic style can be customized with special symbols or shapes for added flair; while providing a confident look suitable for nearly all facial structures.

Wentworth Miller, famous for his role on Prison Break, boasts an oval facial structure that pairs beautifully with a buzz-cut style. This short yet simple and masculine cut combines an edgy amount with an inconspicuous fade that complements his beard perfectly.

For a sharper and more defined look, military men often opt for the high and tight buzz cut – an attention-grabbing style featuring short haircuts tapered close to the scalp with longer length on top that can be styled into a pompadour or combed back easily.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is ideal for men with bald scalps as it is easy to maintain and can be styled in numerous ways. This cut typically features short sides with high fade and longer top length, which can be spiked up, brushed forward, or even styled into a faux mohawk, depending on your desired look. Just be sure to use matte pomade or hair wax to avoid looking too shiny!

Decide the desired length and style for your haircut, and set an objective for what look you wish to achieve. A shorter Ivy League crew cut is ideal for creating a clean and tidy appearance, while more extended versions may feature messy or slicked-back appearances for more rugged vibes. These styles also look good with beards, as well as helping disguise receding hairlines.


The fade is an ideal hairstyle for men thinning their scalp, as it allows them to keep their top hair while shortening its sides and back into shorter lengths. You can style it neatly using gel, pomade, or other styling products, or give it more texture with messy waves to showcase your style.

The high fade is a hairstyle in which hair tapers down toward the temples, blurring the line between complete and thinning locks. It works exceptionally well for young balding men who are still getting ready to start shaving, such as young balding teenagers who don’t feel ready to start shaving their heads. Pair it with classic masculine traits like a beard and mustache for a timeless masculine aesthetic, or opt for more modern options with spiky locks and a deep side parts for something different!

Textured Quiffs

The textured quiff is one of the hottest trends available. A variation on the classic combover haircut combines an undercut with a quiff to form a striking style suitable for balding men and can even be dressed up for formal settings with just a dab of pomade.

A short textured quiff requires minimal styling but still looks fresh from the barbershop. To achieve this look, simply comb your hair into place and apply some Regal Gentleman Matte Clay as desired – giving your quiff a natural finish that can be adjusted throughout the day for added versatility! Pair your quiff with a sleek fade on either side, or connect it to your beard for maximum impact!


An Ivy League haircut featuring a fade undercut will keep your locks looking sleek and tidy while concealing thin or receding areas of hair. For added volume or style, try a quiff with pompadour height – for the added touch, apply grooming tonic or surf tonic before blow drying for extra hold, and use light pomade for storage as needed.

The Pompadour is an iconic hairstyle, dating back centuries. First popular among fashionable women in the 18th century and then coming back in 1950s Gibson Girl illustrations, it remains an excellent choice for men who wish to appear classy and sophisticated – regardless of hair texture. Although its style may have altered over time, the Pompadour can still be worn with various hairstyles for men looking for an eye-catching style statement.