Top 5 Bald Hairstyles For Men

Crew Cut

No matter who you are – whether an ex-quarterback or sitcom star – this hairstyle will make you look effortlessly cool. A crew cut combines elements of both buzz cuts and fades while offering more length at the top. This style is ideal for men with thinning areas. Add some pomade for an elevated and chic appearance.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is an ideal hairstyle for bald men as it is versatile, easy to maintain, and gives off masculine solid vibes. Typically it features a clipper-short back and sides with a strip of front hair that can be brushed forward to cover any thinned areas; add designs like lines, zig-zags, and diamonds for a truly unique twist!

High and Tight Cut

A high and tight cut with a fade is another excellent style for bald men, drawing attention away from any thinned areas and focusing away from any areas needing additional coverage. Complete your look by pairing this haircut with a beard or mustache; for instance, Idris Elba has an iconic handlebar mustache that complements his jawline perfectly while exuding retro charm.

Crew Cut (Variation)

The high and tight crew cut is an elegant military-inspired style perfect for men looking to look dapper. hair is cropped short on the sides and back while leaving more extended patches at the top to conceal balding spots, providing an effortless style that is easy to manage yet masculine. A variation on the classic high and tight cut, this crew cut features more extended top hair, which can be styled into either a pompadour or slicked back for easy management. Plus, with such long full hair comes plenty of opportunity for concealing receding hairlines with beards or handlebar mustaches!

High and Tight

The high and tight haircut is a timeless classic that works well on all hair types. This popular cut features short sides that transition seamlessly to longer sections that can be styled into quiffs for added texture. If you want an added layer, ask your barber or stylist to leave behind a small strip of hair at the crown that can be styled upward for added texture. This haircut is ideal for guys who desire a low-maintenance style that looks professional yet masculine. With its shaved sides and masculine appearance, this haircut makes a statement and would create an excellent look for security personnel and military men alike. Add a beard for an authentic military appearance, or use firm hold pomade to keep hair in place throughout the day if necessary.


One of the best bald hairstyles for men is an undercut. This look lets you keep some length on top while concealing thinning areas from view. Plus, it looks fantastic with a side comb-over or handlebar mustache for a burly feel! Quiff hairstyles are another great bald hairstyle option, creating volume at the crown while sweeping back diagonally. These can easily be added to different haircuts with only a few drops of gel or pomade needed to style. No matter the stage of hair loss, this classic and stylish spiky style will create a timeless and fashionable look. Use the gel for added spikiness, or use your fingertips for more formal occasions to achieve this look.


Perms became fashionable during the 1980s as they gave hair an instantly full and lush appearance. While not an everlasting solution, perms could help hide receding hairlines or thin spots for an assured appearance. Perms use chemicals to break disulfide bonds in your hair to form new curls or waves, though the process can sometimes cause dryness and damage; usually, it does not lead to hair loss, although if done incorrectly, this could happen. Before getting a perm, use only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners so as not to strip your natural moisture out. Deep condition your hair regularly for maximum benefits, and if you doubt whether your tresses can withstand a perm, consult a stylist.