balayage layered hair

If you want a beautiful style that will transport you to a tropical getaway, consider balayage layered hair. The highlights are applied on the top of the strands to give the appearance of lighter hair. Unlike straightening or colouring that at home, this treatment requires no maintenance. It is also suitable for all hair lengths, but it is not recommended for very short or cropped locks. In fact, balayage is most popular among celebrities with long, textured hair. This ‘fro-wow’ colouring technique creates an ethereal beach look for any woman who wears it.

The most beautiful balayage layered styles are those that are subtle, smooth, and dimensional. They can be dramatic or subdued, depending on your preference. Whether you prefer a bold, neon-coloured finish or a more natural, more subtle approach, this style will always be in style. Here are some tips to get the best asymmetrical ombre styles.