Balayage Highlights For Brunettes

Dark Brown

Dark brunettes can add dimension and vibrancy to their locks by adding incredible blonde or ashy highlights in an organic color gradient. This balayage technique works exceptionally well on long locks but also on shorter styles like bobs. If you’re an astonishing brunette looking to update their look for autumn or wintertime, try out this gingerbread balayage idea for an eye-catching and seasonal-appropriate style that makes switching seasons easy! While suitable all year round, autumn/wintertime may prove particularly fitting. This chestnut brown balayage gives your roots a warm glow while its lightened ends bring to mind summer sunsets. It’s an effective way to lighten hair naturally with minimal fade; its gradual transition between dark and light shades makes for an aesthetically pleasing somber effect that offers subtlety over regular ombre or low cuts.

Light Brown

Brunettes looking to add lightness without bleaching their natural color should opt for balayage highlights. Keep the balayage subtle with warm brown tones that blend in seamlessly into your brown locks for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect. This style looks fabulous when applied to medium-length layered haircuts, particularly those featuring wavy locks! Those looking for something with cool tones should try ash blondes that create beachy vibes on brown hair. These warm tones will help your brown appear lighter than its base color and achieve that girl-next-door effect you have always desired. This stunning balayage on dark brown hair shows how even the deepest tones can be transformed through this technique. The shade blends dark chocolate brown with golden strands for an eye-catching effect that will catch the light.


If you want to go blonde, balayage lets your stylist lighten your locks without damaging them too much. Instead of bleaching all over, this technique highlights specific face-framing sections of hair for an overall healthier and glossy look. Ask your stylist to create a soft summery effect by infusing your dark brown locks with creamy blonde highlights that blend seamlessly. This will give the appearance of more natural highlights than traditional foil highlights. Add milk chocolate highlights to the bottom half of your locks for another way to lighten brown hair with balayage, creating warm beachy blonde that works on any skin tone and requires minimal upkeep compared to other blonde shades. With this technique, you won’t need to touch up as frequently, saving both time and effort when lightening it!


Brown hair can look just as sleek and shiny when treated to a bit of balayage as blonde locks, creating a soft feminine color melting effect that works beautifully with straight or loose beachy curls. Balayage requires less upkeep than highlights or ombre, thanks to hand-painted lighter shades being hand painted onto your hair. Touch-ups should occur every three months at most; however, purple shampoo should be used regularly to eliminate brassiness and an anti-frizz mask every week for proper hydration of your scalp and locks. Balayage works well on any shade of brown, but for an eye-catching finish, choose an ashy brown with silver highlights – an eye-catching contrast of dark and light that is perfect for brunettes looking to spice up their look without going over the top.


No matter its tone, brown hair can benefit from balayage highlights for an exciting new look. Not every form of lightning needs to be dramatic: soft honey-brown babylights lightened this brunette’s locks for a naturally radiant finish. Bring earthy tones to the forefront with mushroom brown balayage, an excellent option for deep, cool-toned brunettes. This stunning shade brings Portabello mushroom vibes for an eye-catching finish. Bring out the sun-kissed glow in your chocolate brown locks with this caramel-brown balayage technique! Ginger and strawberry blonde strokes add brightness for an Autumn refresher.