Dark Chocolate Balayage Men Hair Cut Design

A dark chocolate balayage is a gorgeous hair color. Whether that is short or long, balayage can give it a summery look. The softer, more natural highlights will add dimension and movement. For the ultimate sultry look, intermingle your dark chocolate highlights with caramel or bronze color. You can wear that up or down with a braid to draw attention to the new highlights.

Dark Chocolate Brown Balayage With Edgar hair Cut Design


Dark chocolate brown balayage is a gorgeous hair color that creates a cool, multidimensional effect. These highlights are softer and natural looking, and are the perfect way to add dimension and movement to that. The best way to give your dark brown hair a summery feel is to add intermingled pastel or bright magenta highlights. Here are some tips for creating the perfect balayage for dark brown locks.

Balayage For Chocolate Brown hair


If you’re a lover of rich, chocolate brown hair, you’ll love the way balayage can make it look summery and unique. This ombre technique creates softer, natural-looking highlights that will add dimension and movement. Dark chocolate and black blend together beautifully to give that a summer-like feeling. It is best paired with a center part. Sue Tyrell, a top stylist in NYC, does a beautiful job with balayage on dark brown hair.