How to Apply Balayage to Chocolate Brown Hair

Add subtle balayage highlights to your chocolate brown locks if you want an acceptable way to switch up your look without fully committing to hair dye. This warm-toned color complements all skin tones and hair textures.

Choose a milk chocolate shade that transitions into an incredible blonde for a calm complexion. This will complement your face and bring out any natural highlights in your eyes.

Dark Chocolate Waves

Dark brunettes can still achieve the ombre look with cool tones. Ice blonde is ideal, as its more forgiving nature helps minimize grow-out lines.

Warmer-toned brunettes can also participate in this trend by adding a subtle golden brown touch to their base color, for an appealing and natural balayage look that complements their complexion and gives them an alluring shine.

Add face-framing baby lights for an effortless day-to-night style, by enhancing your chocolate brown locks with babylights. These delicate cousins of highlights add contrast, shine, and dimension for an alluring style suitable for brunettes of any length – including cheekbone highlighting or brightening effects!

Dark Chocolate Brown