10+ Balayage brown hair color ideas and examples

A balayage brown hair color highlights dimensional highlights hand-covered all up a brunette hair for a solid, voluminous, and shockingly low support looks. It’s a well known highlighting procedure as a result of how it makes a wonderfully common and multi-tonal look on any hair. This hair color is ideal for adding additional color to your present hair style.

Balayage signifies “to sweep” in French. The procedure started in Paris and alludes to the manner in which color is hand-painted onto the hair. It is applied with a broad movement, sparingly at the roots and heavier towards the finishes and is less tedious than getting a full head of foil highlights.

Bronze, copper and rich reds will make darker skin tones blossom and gleam. Dim hair can profit by color tone of differentiating shades, for example, bleach fair, copper, purple, dark red,or mild subtleties, similar to caramel, pecan, bronze, toffee, and so forth. It’s likewise imperative to pick the tints that will be in agreement with your skin tone.

Burgundy balayage brown hair


The rich burgundy hair color in balayage highlights sparkles and shocks. To make the nature of the color significantly increasingly clear, include long low-support layers that will keep your hair looking solid and sumptuous.

It’s additionally one charming approach to flavor up a layered straight mid length cut this way. Brown balayage offers assortment of delightful shades to praise any skin tone.

Chestnut balayage brown hair

Chestnut brown hair is a mix of the intensity and warmth of reds and the normal tones of browns. This rich blend of hot colors delivers a shade that isn’t excessively overwhelming and dark and thoroughly livens up a look! What’s special about this chocolate shade is its sparkle that consequently changes any hair, finished or straight, to a multidimensional one, making it very simple to style!

This shade is directly for you on the off chance that you have light hair with warm, brilliant suggestions. A Chestnut Brown base mixed with painted Dirty Blonde highlights, warm brilliant tints meet up to make a multi-dimensional impact.



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Pink Balayage brown hair


Pink shades are another good thought for brunettes; this isn’t as delicate as caramel yet at the same time looks incredible.

Pink highlights can thoroughly change your hair. Go from a basic dull appearance to charming hair that won’t abandon a commendation. The balayage impact is key in the event that you need that valuable summer sparkle in your hair.



Dark brown balayage hair

A dark brown balayage is a hair color described by milder, increasingly regular looking highlights scattered on a dark base. There is no prettier method to make immaculate measurement and development for your chocolate locks than doing it the balayage way.

Balayage for black hair is an exemplary hairstyle that will carry measurement and life to your hair. Regardless of whether you have dark hair or dark hair, you can discover a balayage that will work ideal for your style.

Brown hair offers an incredible base for a balayage as it supplements such a significant number of different colors, from the unobtrusive to the intense.


Honey balayage brown

Honey balayage is a brilliant mean between highlights in blonde and brown. That is the reason it looks incredible on practically any base hair color. The one thing stays precarious – nectar is warm, so you have to check on the off chance that it will compliment your skin tone.

The best part about balayage is that it looks charming and sharp on any young lady – White, Black, Asian, Latina or Middle Eastern.

Mushroom brown balayage

Mushroom is a major hair colors pattern for 2020 and the grayish shade of brown looks excellent as a balayage right now hair color. The fine cuts of color highlight the chaotic waves and give this hair such incredible surface.

Ash brown balayage

Ash brown hair is a cutting edge variation of brunette hair that is mixed with cool dim tones. Once in a while alluded to as mushroom brown hair, this multi-dimensional shade is a most loved for being not very brutal, particularly on reasonable for medium appearances with cool suggestions. A few shades can be created with at home hair color.


An ash blonde balayage will look so great on hair that is a cool shade of brown. The tones supplement one another, which makes for a more characteristic impact than if more splendid tone of blonde was utilized.

Chocolate brown balayage

The color of chocolate conceals changes from mild chocolate with dark notes to the cool mixed one. Generally we ascribe to the chocolates all the sweet and delightful browns, for example, Sweet cola, coffee, brown sugar, chocolate cherry, truffle brown, hot cocoa, mocha, and so on. Chocolate brown hair looks tasteful, emotional and infrequently somewhat exacting.

Stunning chocolate tones are combined to make a rich and exquisite hair color that looks sufficient to kicking the bucket.

Auburn brown balayage hair

Auburn hair color looks astounding with dark coats, it looks pleasantly out of a cap and it makes any turtleneck sweater look multiple times better.

It is an ideal mix to flavor up your common brown hair. This balayage has truly heated up these dark chocolate bolts and looks so multifaceted when styled into waves.


This style blurs step by step and easily from exceptionally dark brown at the roots to brilliant, light blonde at the closures. It even consolidates lovely, complimenting reddish-brown highlights in the center that set this look apart from other customary balayage hairstyles.

Brown Blonde balayage hair

Brown to blonde balayage is the most much of the time asked color work assortment. Blonde and brown balayage is a coloring procedure of free-giving canvas blonde highlights onto darker hair to light up the hair in a characteristic looking manner.

Balayage is the ideal method to accomplish a bronde (mélange of blonde and brown) tint: the free-hand impact will leave you with graduated highlights softening from brunette to lighter blonde.

Its medium brown-to-dark blonde blur is complimenting for most hair colors and styles, and its rose gold highlights include a one of a kind, popular completion that separates this medium wavy style from other balayage looks.

Caramel balayage hair

Caramel balayage is an exquisite hair coloring strategy that carefully clears in light and regular brunette colors, as a rule into a darker base, to accomplish an easy sun-kissed look.


Caramel balayage is drifting and in light of current circumstances. The looked for after shade is all around complimenting and looks dazzling against all skin tones. The differentiation between the caramel highlights and brown roots is basically divine, in spite of the fact that this shouldn’t imply that caramel won’t look similarly as great blended in with blonder shades as decent lowlights.

Cinnamon brown balayage hair

Cinnamon hair is most normally depicted as a hair color that is medium brown with warm suggestions of red or orange in it. There are wide ranges of ways you can pull off a cinnamon hair color, as it goes in conceals from medium to dark, settling on it a generally complimenting shade decision for everybody.

The Cinnamon blonde tones right now a reviving change from regular gold and browns.

Mahogany brown balayage hair

Mahogany is a shade customized for the individuals who wish to try different things with their hair color without pandering to preposterous hair color patterns. It is for those ladies who wish to get an exemplary hair look. It makes common looking locks and can be unpretentious or strong.


Brown Black balayage

Brown highlights catch light and makes a multi-faceted, dimensional appearance. Pull shades of brown close to the center of your locks and tenderly mixing them with your coal black hair. This shade is anything but difficult to keep up and easy like you’ve gone through a day out in the sun, regardless of whether you’ve been stuck in an office throughout the day.

Brunette brown balayage hair

Brown hair with highlights resembles a gift for a young lady who needs to cause to notice the rich magnificence of her brunette hair. The balayage strategy isn’t anything but difficult to make yet it merits the cost and exertion.

Brunette doesn’t need to be simply red, and brunette essentially red. Including brilliant, mahogany, copper and purple tones can make more extravagant shades of hair hue.