Baking Soda For Hair

Harmful Effects of Baking Soda on Hair

Using baking soda to wash hair can be harmful due to its high pH of 9. This can damage the scalp over time and should be avoided.

Caution for Dry Hair

Baking soda may cause dryness due to its abrasive formula. It includes tiny crystals that can tear hair fibers. People with dry hair should avoid using baking soda directly on their scalp.

Ideal for Hard Water

Baking soda is a natural solution for cleaning hair in areas with hard water. It can remove build-up from harsh shampoos without harming the scalp or hair follicles. This is beneficial for those with thick, wavy, or curly hair.

Effective for Oily Hair

Baking soda can be a tremendous alternative shampoo for oily hair. It clarifies the scalp and hair, eliminates dandruff, and is affordable. However, it should be used sparingly to prevent dryness.

Benefits for Dandruff

Baking soda’s alkaline pH helps break down dirt and grease, making it effective against dandruff. Combining it with apple cider vinegar and gentle ingredients like coconut or jojoba oil can enhance its effectiveness.

Treating Dry hair and Hard Water Situations

Washing with baking soda can clarify strands by dissolving mineral salt deposits caused by hard water. It is more alkaline than shampoo, effectively removing grease, grime, and product build-up.

In conclusion, while baking soda can benefit various hair concerns, it should be used cautiously and in moderation to avoid potential side effects.