Bad Bunny Haircuts

Bad Bunny takes his artistic expression and self-expression to new levels through his style, especially his hairstyle. His signature look features a stylish bald fade haircut with a distinctive patterned effect. This unique and eye-catching hairstyle requires thick, healthy locks. It can be worn either loose or controlled and looks best with a patterned fade.

Bald Fade

This modern bald fade style is great for adding an edge to any haircut, just be sure to use a high-quality pomade to keep the style sleek and stylish. A bald fade haircut can create a striking visual contrast when used to frame waves on the head and add dimension to any haircut. It works best when combined with vibrant hair color shades that accentuate waves around your scalp and emphasize their appearance for maximum impact. Skin or bald fade haircuts are short styles that cut hair at about the skin level on both the back and sides of your head, ideal for men with medium to long top hair looking for a contemporary style.


This pompadour hairstyle is for guys looking to up the volume. Although one of the more voluminous styles on this list, it still offers well-proportioned proportions with its skin fade and overall proportioned silhouette. Also referred to as the psychobilly wedge style, it is popular among musicians in that subculture. This timeless classic will always remain fashionable. Combining it with a clean fade and short boxed beard for an ultra-chic aesthetic makes for a stunning ensemble.

Chili Haircut

Asymmetric chili bowl haircuts offer the ideal way for individuals with messy locks to stand out and express their individuality. With their distinctive design and distinctive look, these haircuts make an impressive statement about you as an individual. This classic men’s haircut resembles a cap and features short sides with long locks at the top. A vintage trend that has seen renewed popularity. Producing this style requires the skills of an experienced barber who understands how to design the pattern. Maintaining such an intricate style may prove challenging as well.

Cornrow Braids

If you love classic cornrows but want something different for your textured locks, try the halo braid idea. While this style requires additional time and work, its stunning framing effect makes the effort well worthwhile. A simple but elegant hairstyle that accentuates the natural cultural vibe of black woman tresses is effortlessly chic: cornrows with big stitches, paired with jumbo box braids in the back for an effortlessly chic, feminine, and easy-to-style look.

Pressed Undercut Side Part

Bad Bunny is known for his extravagant hairstyles, such as this patterned bun with braids cut. This striking style can add some character and is the ideal way for men who wish to stand out with their locks. To achieve a classic undercut look, ask your barber to cut your hair in an undercut style before pressing down top and front hairs with gel or hairspray for extra hold.

Mini Bun With Braids

Mini braids add softness and interest to low buns, creating a flattering look for all face shapes. Furthermore, this hairstyle is easy to do and suitable for any special event or casual setting. Start with a center part and weave your hair into scalp-tight French braids until reaching the back of your head, wrapping each braided section around a ponytail and securing them with bobby pins before spraying hairspray over it to set its style.