How to Style the Back of Bob Haircuts

A bob hairstyle is a timeless classic that adapts easily to any occasion or environment. Selecting the appropriate hue can elevate this cut even further.

Clean and section the hair into standard four-quadrant sections. Start cutting at an acute 90-degree angle at the back of your head, creating even subsections until reaching the occipital bone (bumps at the back). This will create an even-angled bob.

Long bobs

Long bobs differ from classic bobs in that they include layers. Instead of being uni-dimensional and flat-topped like their predecessor, long bobs frame your face while creating volume for volume-driven styles like waves or curls. Long bobs also look fantastic on curlier and wavy hair types alike!

This blonde bob’s stacked cut gives off an elegant vibe, while lighter blonde highlights add an eye-catching pop of color and help increase volume.

This long bob features a side-swept bang to add feminine and seductive charm. At the same time, the multidimensional effect created by its balayage technique gives this dark brown bob its multifaceted dimension. It is ideal for women seeking an adult yet playful style.

Short bobs

Understanding all the various variations on the classic bob can take time, making it hard to select an appropriate cut. Familiarizing with A-line, inverted, stacked, and French terms will help your stylist understand what type of cut best suits you.

Stacked bobs are an excellent choice for thin hair as they add volume. This short stacked bob in warm caramel blonde features layers that have been reduced at the back for added volume. Meanwhile, highlights add depth to this stylish style.

This blonde bob looks chic and modern, worn slicked back or piece-y with side-swept bangs. Try blowing it out using pomade for more of an untidy texture or sleek it out to show off its face-framing layers.

Mid-length bobs

Women with medium hair looking for an effortless yet fashionable style should try this stylish shaggy bob. It will offer a look that will appeal to women of all ages and generations.

This bob style is popular among celebrities with brown hair. It can easily be achieved using a blow dryer and brush; add volume-boosting products for optimal results.

This bob features long layers and face-framing fringes with more curved edges than classic bobs – an excellent choice for those with wavy hair!

A-line bobs

A-line bobs are an excellent solution for women seeking to add volume or shed weight from thicker locks and complement any face shape perfectly.

An A-line cut features layers with differing lengths, similar to those found in a stacked bob; however, its shorter back layers and longer front layers give it a more subdued aesthetic.

This funky style is the ideal solution for those with curly hair. Add some vibrant color with the help of a moisturizing conditioner to keep the style looking its best!

Side-swept bobs

This classic bob is all about sleekness. With its blunt cut and face-framing bangs, its elegant style suits any event or special occasion. To make this style flattering, add highlights to the top layer of hair for a natural color transition and to emphasize your beautiful face.

A side-swept bob with a fringe swept to one side can make for an eye-catching style, especially when worn in vibrant hues like red. The deep shade draws attention to your stunning features while its straight texture accentuates their beauty – perfect for women who wish to express themselves and show their unique personalities!

Inverted bobs

Short inverted bobs are ideal for thin hair because they give the impression of volume. Straighter strands also benefit from this chic style’s sleek structure; add texture using texturizing products or wavy highlights for a striking, contemporary look.

Opt for a long layered inverted bob if your hair lacks density for an edgy stacked back bob. Tousled waves add volume and soft ethereality; for an added pop of color, try using warm red shades – sure to turn heads on any occasion with its inverted design angled at the nape that highlights cheekbones.