How to Use Babylights on Light Brown Hair


Babylights, also known as balayage, offer a subtle way to refresh your locks. This technique uses thinner sections of hair, causing less damage than highlights and lowlights.

Maintaining a Natural Look

Opt for caramel or ash-blonde highlights on light brown strands to maintain a natural look. This approach is even easier than using foil highlights.

Subtle Highlights

Consider pairing honey-brown hair with buttery blonde highlights for an approachable yet warm look. This combination looks beautiful, wildly when styled into a half-up fishtail crown braid!

Cool-Toned Ombre

If you find the ombre too bold, try a cool-toned version with ashy tones instead of golden hues. This is ideal for brunettes who want to add dimension without going lighter.

Subtle Red Highlights

If you’re not ready for full blonde, ask your stylist for subtle red highlights on light brown locks. This sweet yet seductive look works best on darker complexions.


Lowlights are an underutilized hair highlight technique that adds depth and dimension to light brown locks. They create subtle streaks of color that blend naturally with your brunette hue. Pair them with highlights for contouring purposes or as an overall highlighting look.

Natural Sun-Kissed Glow

Babylights offer a subtle way to add color and dimension to your locks without making them stand out too much. Unlike highlights, they fade naturally with your hair color, leaving no harsh lines of demarcation.

Brown hair Ombre

If you like highlights but prefer something subtler, try brown hair ombre. This technique combines dark roots with lighter blonde ends for a natural-looking hue that flatters any face shape.


Balayage is a trendy and low-maintenance hair coloring technique that creates subtle highlights. It looks more natural than ombre and requires less maintenance since roots will grow back slower.

Light Ash Brown

If you have light ash brown hair, you can still embrace highlights without ditching its warm honey hues. Keep some golden streaks around the face while adding more ashy tones in the lengths. This balayage style is perfect for an effortlessly sun-kissed look.

Remember, balayage is also a fantastic option for long, straight hair. Your stylist will place small strands of a lighter shade at your crown to achieve that fashionable sun-kissed effect.