Babylights on light brown hair

Babylights on light brown hair are a very pretty way to spruce up your look. This light, subtle shade can add a touch of shine to your locks. It is also a good choice if you want to add subtle highlights to that. While babylights are mainly suitable for blondes, you can use this color for any other colour, too! These little ‘lights’ are usually three to four shades lighter than the base colour.

Applying babylights on light brown  is one of the easiest ways to update your look, but you should know how to maintain the style so it lasts. Babylights have a subtle, glossy finish and need to be maintained using shine products. You should also consider balayage if you want a subtle, modern look. But what about women who already have light brown hair? This shade can look fabulous with a blonde or ash color, too.


Applying babylights to light brown  is a great way to add a fresh, youthful feel to your look. You can choose to have three or four shades of color added to your base color, depending on your preference. Once the lightening process is completed, rinse thoroughly and let dry completely. The babylights will remain in that for up to a week before they need to be redone.

How to Use Babylights on Light Brown hair


You can use babylights on light brown hair to add a subtle shimmer to your style. You can use balayage and other color treatments to create a new look. The microfine ‘lights’ add a soft, twinkly effect and can be customized to match any color. If you want a more dramatic look, try using a balayage product with a stronger tint, such as platinum or ash blonde.