Excellent Hair Colors For Your Next hair Makeover

Pink hair adds a feminine feel, while wine symbolizes fun – both colors make great choices for any makeover!

Light colors look beautiful on naturally blonde locks but work wonderfully on dark bob or lob styles. Incorporating some vibrant hues into your hairstyle is a sure way to revitalize for summer!

Chestnut Brown

Chocolate chestnut brown offers a decadent take on warm shades. Ideal for any blondes seeking an earthier hue or anyone seeking an earthy brunette hue.

Add pops of red to your chestnut brown locks using an exquisite balayage technique for an eye-catching dimensional effect that works beautifully on all ages and hair types, from long waves to textured bobs.

Natural Brown

Natural brown is an elegant hue that flatters all complexions, and looks especially striking against green and blue eyes.

This lavish brown with red hues is stunningly dramatic and suitable for neutral to fair skin tones, emphasizing your green or chocolate brown eyes.

Color melts combining dark cacao with smoky ash tones are undeniably stylish and look fabulous no matter the season! Don’t hesitate to try this cool brunette hue this spring or summer.

Dark Ashy Blonde

A dark ash blonde is ideal for people who wish to gradually lighten their locks without taking drastic measures.

Through techniques like balayage or flamboyance, stylists can seamlessly combine darker roots with lighter blonde shades so they look natural.

This ash blonde hair color features stunning pearl highlights and faded dark ash tones on its ends for a beachy-textured look that is simply breathtaking!

Cinnamon Brown

For those with warm skin tones who want something a bit darker but don’t want to go too blonde, a cinnamon brown shade might be your perfect go-to shade.

Its warm undertones will highlight any red undertones present without washing us out as overly ashy hair would do.

Give your chocolate brown hue some dimension with subtle baby lights for added dimension. Take inspiration from Nicola Coughlan and have your stylist paint money pieces around your face for a flattering effect – it works great!

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color is a timeless classic that compliments many skin tones, whether worn alone or highlighted.

Priyanka Chopra looks beautiful, sporting her rich espresso shade and dark-to-light ombre effect!

Choose a non-drip formula box dye such as John Frieda Precision Foam Color that contains fruit oil concentrate to nourish and strengthen the strands.

Ginger Spice

Toasty ginger hues pop when applied to warm skin tones, offering an effortless way to add subtle highlights to a fully brunette base.

Light colors can help neutralize yellow undertones in blonde hair. Teal is an energizing hue reminiscent of the sea.

Fiery red looks phenomenal against light skin tones and perfectly enhances your eyes, taking any pixie look to new heights.

Copper Brown

Copper adds depth and richness to brunette shades. If you’re nervous about making such a drastic change, ask your colorist to paint some lighter face-framing streaks first so you can test how it looks on you!

Orange copper hair boasts a delicate yet faded hue that makes it very feminine and is the ideal style for anyone wanting to try red locks without the commitment of maintaining them.

Light Brown

Your colorist should create a light brown hair color that complements your natural base tone while simultaneously drawing attention to your strands.

Golden honey highlights can create an eye-catching look. The subtle balayage technique produces stunning results, and this color choice works particularly well on warm skin tones.

Ombre Balayage

Ombre hair is a truly versatile style, customizable to your unique aesthetic. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements mean you may go weeks (or months!) between salon visits.

Bring an air of drama to your look with a dark teal ombre design. This eye-catching shade complements all hair colors, from platinum blonde and bleached blonde to long black strands, for an eye-catching finish.

Warm Blonde

Warm blonde shades feature golden tones for an all-over radiance that brings out the natural glow in any complexion.

Try sandy or strawberry blonde balayage like Dua Lipa for an eye-catching summer hair look. Alternatively, choose muted pink shades as an intriguing alternative to dusty pastels that define summer hair colors.

Lilac is an elegant pastel shade that works best on superlight bases, otherwise, it can wash you out.