The Average Haircut Price

Numerous factors can impact the average haircut price, such as type of cut, duration, tools used, and location/cost of living considerations. Some states and cities offer higher prices than others due to higher or lower cost of living, respectively.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a top choice among many individuals searching for their next living place, offering many activities, events, and cultural options. Its closeness to mountains and natural areas makes it perfect for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Salt Lake City’s cost of living exceeds that of the United States, with basic necessities like groceries and housing costing 9 percent more than average. Non-essential expenses like entertainment and grooming services cost 4 percent more. Inflation plays an enormous role in the price of haircuts. Salon owners and barbers must adjust their prices in line with inflation rates to remain profitable; otherwise, they would lose money. If the cost of your service seems high, try talking with the stylist or barber beforehand about potential negotiations or discounts they might offer you – you might save some money!


Burlington, Vermont, men can expect to pay about $63 on average for a haircut, while women will spend on average $81. This cost difference reflects Burlington’s higher cost of living, which has caused prices across the board to increase; however, haircut prices have seen only slight inflationary pressure. Inflation has impacted all aspects of our daily lives, from groceries and eggs to gasoline and haircut prices – the latter of which has increased by approximately 5.16% since 2020 – slightly below inflation’s overall 4.81% rate. If you are searching for an affordable haircut in Burlington, look no further than Supercuts salons. Their prices are among the lowest in the industry, and you can even check in online to avoid long lines. Furthermore, Supercuts stores sell professional haircare products and offer coupons or promotions so that customers can save even more.

Virginia Beach

Haircut prices depend on many variables, including the salon, barber, or stylist’s experience and knowledge. An experienced stylist may charge more than someone just starting their career; location can also have an effect; for instance, a salon located in an exclusive area may attract a wealthier clientele that demands higher rates for haircuts. If you’re on a tight budget, try to find a stylist or barber with reasonable rates – friends and family may offer suggestions – this will allow you to avoid spending too much on haircuts. Great Clips Salons provide low-cost haircuts to men and women at locations across the US. Their over 4,200 locations make up one of the leading salon companies, while franchisees set their prices at approximately $18 for an adult haircut.


Cheyenne is situated in the southeastern corner of Wyoming and boasts an authentic Western atmosphere that retirees find appealing. Additionally, Cheyenne features an active downtown and natural beauty, making it an attractive place to reside. Cheyenne offers residents and tourists abundant activities in addition to restaurants and shops for entertainment and shopping needs. According to Square’s data, an average haircut costs approximately $34 in Cheyenne. Square provides mobile payment systems to allow small businesses to accept credit card payments with portable devices allowing for payment processing via credit cards. This allows Square to track spending trends across the nation and track prices and pricing trends more quickly. Great Clips Dell Range Market Place salon in Cheyenne features stylists who craft popular women’s haircuts such as bobs, blunt cuts, bangs, and other looks. Their knowledgeable stylists are happy to consult with customers to help them find a look they like – plus, online check-in allows customers to skip the line!