How to Refresh Your Hair Color For Fall

As leaves turn vibrant hues and pumpkin pie starts baking, now may be an excellent time to update your hair color for fall. We have all of this season’s must-have shades!


Chestnut brown hair is one of the most accessible shades to incorporate into your fall ensemble, while sweet honey highlights over chestnut tones will bring that subtle hint of autumn without going too red. Achieve that desired warm look without going red by adding sweet love highlights over chestnut shades like this – your locks will look like they have been doused in caramel while adding dimension!

Another option would be a mahogany merlot ombre; this shade will bring out fall colors while making you look stylish and beautiful wherever you go. Daring individuals should use a dark brown ombre for maximum impact and depth in their locks. Plus, copper highlights will illuminate when hit by sunlight!

Golden Brown

If your summer blonde locks have started looking worn down, add the warmth of autumn by opting for golden brown instead. With its simple upkeep and flattering lengths, this honey-toned shade allows you to confidently transition into autumn with an inviting sun-kissed glow.

If you’re ready to switch up your look but not all the way, try opting for a light brown balayage with golden highlights and lowlights – it makes an excellent transition shade as the temperatures shift toward fall! And it is especially fitting as an autumn-inspired shade as nature shifts toward cooler tones!

If you want to go lighter, a demi or semi-permanent gloss is best as its effect is less harsh on your hair than full bleaching treatments; demi/semi-permanent gloss offers greater versatility when changing colors in the future.


Bright coppers are an excellent autumn hair color choice for redheads and strawberry blondes who wish to add warmth with warm hues. Although a lightener may help lift darker natural locks, for best results, it should be administered by an experienced professional.

An eye-catching copper ombre featuring vibrant auburn and orange shades will complement blue-to-green eyes and cool skin tones and is not for everyone; those who can pull it off will have a memorable look that stands out.

Opt for a natural blend into balayage peach copper for a more straightforward approach. As this shade will gradually fade over time, you can visit your salon regularly to have your roots touched up and your ends refreshed as necessary.

Ginger Brown

As summer winds down and you transition into fall, now is an excellent time to update your hair color with an autumn-appropriate shade like ginger brown, which looks fantastic with all skin tones while complementing nature’s autumn leaves.

Light ginger balayage will create an effortlessly natural look while being gentle to growing roots, making it the ideal solution for those wanting a change but unwilling to commit fully to an ombre look.

Mushroom tones are an easy and effective way to achieve a warm ginger look. Inspired by the earthy hue of Portobello mushrooms, this shade creates a golden-brown base that pairs beautifully with all types of fall outfits. To achieve this hue, your stylist may use demi or semi-permanent color techniques without the risk of excessive damage.

Violet/Blue Base Red

Violet-based reds make a lovely choice for darker complexions and can be worn over color, balayage, or highlights. This shade works best on levels 1-4 and requires using an effective sulfate-free cleanser and scheduling regular gloss appointments to stay vibrant.

Purple highlights add an exciting, seductive touch to any blonde hue, but for something less extreme and grandma-esque, try requesting light blue-based violet highlights instead. This will help ensure a longer-term, fresher look than neon fuchsia would while still being bold enough to make an impressionful statement.

Chocolate and caramel ombre shades also look stunning on brunettes, creating even more drama when done correctly. In Barbie Ferreira’s case, her rusty orange-brown ombre boasts copper, ginger, and red tones for an autumn feel.