What Red Hair Colors Work Best on All Skin Tones?

Red hair colors have always been in style, and auburn stands out as one of the sexiest hues available – it looks gorgeous on all skin tones and makes the wearer a true bombshell! This dark auburn blends deep burgundy wine tones with cherry red highlights for an eye-catching shade that will catch people’s attention. Protect and maintain this hue with shampoos and conditioners designed specifically to nourish color-treated hair – they will keep it vibrant for longer!

Red Base

Not to be mistaken with conventional wisdom, not all shades of red work on every skin tone. Selecting the appropriate hue can accentuate cool or warm tones; long-length light auburn highlights can add depth and drama for fair complexions while pairing nicely with blue or green eyes – it looks particularly stunning on Kate Mara and Drew Barrymore, yet is an excellent way to add subtle sexiness without going over the top. If you prefer more natural colors, try sun-kissed auburn with caramel highlights for an effortlessly lovely hue. This shade will suit those with light or medium skin tones as it is easily adjustable for darker complexions. To maintain and keep its rich hues over time, use a color-safe cleanser and schedule regular maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.


For an eye-catching look, request that your colorist create a vibrant shade of auburn that looks similar to sun-kissed red hair. This hue works exceptionally well on fair complexions that want an added dash of warmth and radiance. Plus, it is easy maintenance: extend the time between washes while using color-protecting shampoo with sulfates! Crimson red is an elegant hue, ideal for warm skin tones, and easy to maintain if you limit how often you wash your hair. Touch-ups should occur every 6-8 weeks, while glossing treatments should occur monthly for best results. A color-safe shampoo such as Sulfate-Free Color Safe Cleaner may be helpful to keep your tresses looking luscious and vibrant!


A unique take on auburn, this rich hue is dark yet bold yet subdued – the ideal solution for blondes experimenting with red without all of its associated maintenance requirements. It looks beautiful on any length and works wonderfully when highlighted or balayage with highlights or balayage techniques. Issa Rae marries warm and cool tones to achieve a glowing, sun-kissed effect. Her auburn with copper balayage highlights her fair skin tone and warm eyes, creating a striking look. For an eye-catching style, try rocking burgundy locks with black locks for an eye-catching combination. This luxurious shade will grab everyone’s attention; remember to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, such as Fekkai’s sulfate-free formula (for example). Burgundy can take your look from fiery scarlet to barely maroon tint effortlessly.

Red Copper

Red coppers are an ideal shade for those seeking a darker tone that isn’t relatively lean brown, with this beautiful warm hue that suits many skin tones and can even be made more subtle by pairing it with golden blonde balayage highlights like in this look on singer Girl Wilde. This fiery auburn to copper ombre looks beautiful on long hair and works with many styles. Just be sure to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, along with regular color appointments every 6-8 weeks, to maintain vibrancy in the color. For those hesitant about permanent hair dyeing, semi-permanent dye is an easy and surprisingly safe solution to change their color without damaging their tresses. Put on top of natural strands without damaging them!


Warm tones of auburn will enhance any complexion with the appropriate shade. Fair skin tends to look best in lighter hues of auburn; medium and olive complexions can benefit from deeper, richer burgundy shades. Darker brown shades of auburn are an excellent way for women with darker hair to add subtle touches of red to their look. Ask your colorist to apply a light wash of this hue, mixing in baby lights or creating dimension with balayage highlights and lowlights for an appealing finish. Shu Uemura offers the Ashitaba hair Mask as a solution that will protect and revive auburn hues while softening and nourishing, leaving a radiant sheen to your locks. It features self-regenerative Japanese ingredients that soften while strengthening, leaving a lasting shine behind.