How to Wear Auburn Hair

Auburn hair color can look particularly striking against darker skin tones, from soft caramel hues to deep shades with red and copper tones. Lighter auburns with copper highlights work best on lighter complexions, while deeper hues of red and orange will enliven darker complexions. Find a shade that speaks to you and take steps to maintain its vibrancy by using color-conserving shampoo and conditioner products.

Sun-Kissed Auburn

Sun-kissed auburn is an inviting natural hair color suitable for most complexions. Lighter versions of this hue can help brighten fair skin tones, while darker versions add depth and vibrancy to darker complexions. Famous wearers of this look include Julianne Moore and Lana del Rey, who both rock this classic shade well. To replicate it yourself, opt for dark auburn with caramel highlights instead of flat red that does not complement your complexion – or use a L’Oreal Professional Series Expert Vitamino Color A-OX deep conditioning mask once weekly (try L’Oreal Professional Series Expert Vitamino Color A-OX!).

Effortless Coppery Brown

Try an orangey brown hair color like Taraji P. Henson’s for an effortless take on this hue. Its coppery undertones will complement your complexion without adding too much red hue. Or create the same effect with brown dye with red tinting, such as Karen Gillan has worn.

Classic Brown-Red

Brown-red strands offer a classic yet timeless style, like Bryce Dallas-Howard’s long braids with red and golden highlights at the ends. Ask your colorist for golden highlights at the ends for an added dramatic effect. This look works best on medium to olive skin tones.

Dark Copper Auburn

Dark copper brown hair looks fabulous on anyone with natural or warm complexions, especially when paired with blonde highlights like those seen on Emily Blunt. To ensure the color suits your skin tone properly if considering dark auburn, it is best to bring a photo of yourself wearing precise complexion makeup to show to your hairstylist before proceeding.

Rich Chocolatey Auburn

Rich chocolate auburn is an ideal hue for women with natural brunette base colors and cool complexions, as its lack of red tones helps neutralize blue or green hues in skin tones. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Lily James, and Sydney Sweeney have been sporting this warm hue over recent years.

Vibrant Copper Auburn

Copper auburn may be just the ticket if you want a fiery red hue that makes an impactful statement. This vibrant shade sits somewhere between burgundy and true red regarding warmth. Hand-painting copper coloration is vital for creating an even blend of hues. If you prefer something more natural-looking, your hair stylist can use the balayage technique instead.

Fall hair Color Combination

Darker shades of auburn combined with blonde highlights can create the ideal Fall hair color combination. This vibrant hue makes a great option if you want a deep yet natural hue. Beachy waves work perfectly with this hue, so don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your style. Your stylist can create an eye-catching copper hue by applying vibrant ribbon balayage and adding distinct highlights to a red base color.

Copper Red for All

No matter your hair type or complexion, a shade of copper red is sure to suit it – be it natural auburn or more vibrant hues! Just make sure you use products designed specifically for color-treated strands. Book an appointment with your stylist so your new dye lasts as long as possible! With some care and maintenance, your auburn strands will keep turning heads all autumn and winter – happy coloring!

Long-Length Light Auburn

Lighter in hue than traditional reds, auburn is ideal for those with fair skin. The coppery tones add dimension and shine to strands, flattering this shade with highlights. Ask your stylist to use the balayage technique or sun-kissed highlights that mimic an autumn sunset; for maximum radiance, ask your colorist about receiving regular glossing treatments to protect and enhance the appearance of red strands.

Warm and Subtle

Warm tones make this hair color ideal for those with warm complexions. It is also a practical choice to stand out without going over the top with vibrant hues; opt for a light ash brown base with copper auburn highlights to achieve an eye-catching yet subtle appearance.

Soft Caramel-Colored Auburn

Soft caramel-colored brown hair makes a gorgeous pairing when worn with a face-framing fringe or a side-swept bob. Additionally, this hue creates an excellent transitional shade from darker hues into something more natural, as its easy blend-ability with various hues makes a noticeable difference in complexion. Ask your colorist to use a balayage technique or ombre for added dimension; don’t forget to add face-framing highlights for an extra dose of sexiness!

Stunning Reddish-Brown

Nothing beats this stunning reddish-brown hue when it comes to defining yourself and making an impressionful statement. A soft red shade is versatile, appealing to all skin tones, and ideal for curls and waves. Ask your colorist for full fringe or long bob cuts – both will keep your locks healthy using Davines Mask Color products that contain no sulfates!

Brunette with Vibrant Red

This shade may be yours if you’re a brunette looking to try vibrant red hues. Rich and warm in hue, it makes your strands glow while golden highlights shine brightly against it – creating an eye-catching reddish-brown hue that complements any complexion beautifully.

Sun-Kissed Plum

Plum can make for a fantastic look on any hair texture, particularly blondes and brunettes. Its beautiful hue offers shades of red, brown, and purple, ideal for women who embrace daring yet sophisticated styling.

Warm and Elegant

Warm plum highlights the elegance of this model’s long tresses with its warmth. This color also flatters any complexion or eye color, making it an excellent choice for businesswomen and romantic girls of any age.

All-Natural Youthful Look

For those seeking an all-natural look, a light-brown shade of plum will perfectly complement their skin tone and complexion while creating an eye-catching, youthful aesthetic that stands out among crowds.

Sun-Kissed Balayage

Add extra shimmer and vibrancy to your locks by opting for sun-kissed balayage highlights, which involve having a colorist freehand paint them instead of using foils. This style looks particularly chic.