Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes and Black hair Colorists

Auburn Brown: Adding a Dynamic Edge

Auburn brown hair color can give any look a dynamic edge, whether you want a dramatic transformation or want to freshen up your natural hues. It combines the warmth and vitality of red dyes with the subdued tones found in wild browns for a stunning result that suits many complexions. Use products designed to maintain color and avoid sulfates to maintain vibrant brown hair color.

Warm Undertones: Light Auburn Hair Color

Light brown hair color offers the ideal middle ground for any complexion. It adds dimension and depth to natural locks and allows trendy hues without fully committing to full-head dye jobs. Requesting a light auburn balayage from your colorist will create sun-kissed highlights throughout your locks for an attractive yet natural style. To maintain vibrant red hair, minimize washing and use products designed for colored hair. A glossing treatment every few weeks can help sustain its shine.

Cool Undertones: Natural Sun-Kissed Auburn Hues

Cool complexions benefit from wearing natural sun-kissed auburn hues to emphasize eye brightness and counteract warm tones. Darker auburn shades like copper, plum, and burgundy work well over medium or olive skin tones to add warmth and depth. Lighter cinnamon or chestnut tones can add subtle yet striking highlights to brown hair color, creating dimension and movement. To keep reds vibrant, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Regular glossing treatments can also prevent fading.

Light Undertones: Adding Red to Brunette Looks

Light brown highlights can do the trick for brunettes who want to add red to their look. This warm cinnamon hue works beautifully on lighter skin tones and brings out green eyes. Auburn shades on dark hair are bold yet stunning, particularly against medium or tan skin tones. To add more drama and dimension, consider adding caramel highlights. To maintain optimal results, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair. Regular glossing treatments will keep the locks healthy and shiny.

Deep Undertones: Rich Auburn Hues

Rich auburn hues add drama and dimension to any hairstyle, from long bobs to short crops. Light highlights can create a sun-kissed effect that complements warm skin tones perfectly. Plum auburn eye shadow works well on medium and olive skin tones, providing a cool undertone that balances the rich hue and creates a striking contrast against dark eyes. Maintain vibrant red tones with color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Glossing treatments every few weeks helps preserve their integrity.

Espresso Lowlights: Bold and Contrasting

Consider adding espresso lowlights to your auburn brown locks for a bold and different look. The dark tones add contrast, while the warm hue suits many skin tones. Inspired by a steaming cup of coffee, this full-bodied brunette shade blends copper and brown styles beautifully. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair to preserve vibrancy. Regular glossing services can enhance shine and maintain color retention.