Attractive Hairstyles For Men

High Fade

Few haircuts rival the striking appeal of a high fade haircut. Shortly trimmed back and side locks create an instantly recognizable silhouette, leaving the top free for styling in any way you see fit. This type of style offers endless styling possibilities!

Mid Fade

Mid fades offer more conservative styling, yet still allow plenty of experimentation. They are also great for people with fine hair who wish to mask sparse patches while adding volume to the top of their heads. An elegant fade like this requires regular barbershop visits for maintenance, but it is well worth the time spent for such a glamorous look!


Undercuts work well to tame wavy hair texture while providing manageability and easy upkeep. A shaved section takes away volume for a more accessible style. The undercut’s versatility makes it ideal for experimentation with different colors and styles. Experiment with this bold look by dyeing longer top strands in a contrasting hue for an eye-catching striped effect that will turn heads. This undercut features a tight fade on both sides and back and long locks on top. The result is an aesthetically pleasing style that is easy to style with just a quick brush-up!


A pompadour is an age-old style that instantly elevates any man’s look, creating an air of sophistication. However, men with thicker locks will benefit most as this style relies heavily on follicular density for its shape to hold. A clean fade can add depth and dimension to a pompadour style, creating a height that helps accentuate your face and forehead. A stylish pompadour with subtle fade and beard can add flair and character to your appearance in an attractive manner. This casual yet fashionable style will give you a striking appearance that draws women to you.


A quiff can best describe the styled backward part of your hairstyle that sits atop your head, styled upward. It typically looks best on guys with naturally thick locks; however, thin locks may pull off this cut well. Style the quiff in many different ways. For an iconic style that recalls James Dean and Elvis, consider going for the quiff pompadour, which identifies 1950s-style hairdos that gave these bad boy icons their signature looks. Opt for a messy or textured style for a modern take on the quiff. Work a volumizing hair styling product through wet hair to facilitate backcombing and create your quiff more easily. This style works great with low, mid, or taper fades.


A style perfect for all hair types and face shapes, the messy look is ideal when the time is short to style your locks. Showcase its free-spirited spirit by letting your locks fall into an undone ponytail or add a styling product for more polished results. From disheveled swept-back styles to loose waves, casual yet chic hairstyles are an excellent way to stand out at a social gathering or romantic date. Add polish with a light-to-medium hold hair powder or matte pomade for an effortless and charming finish that will have everyone turning their heads toward you!