Asteria Hair Styles – Looks Sophisticated With Best Design

Asteria Hair (for Cinema 4D), created by Darkside Studios, is a contemporary design made for the horror film productions. It is a seductive, long designd ponytail with a large amount of body, which makes you look cute as a vamp or succubus, prepared to slash the bad guy next door! Asteria Hair by Darkside is very short in the front and medium in the back. It is ideal for those who are looking for an up-to-the-minute style without overdoing it. With a modern edge, this is perfect for day wear or evening parties. The styling of this hair gives it the ability to coordinate well with any outfit from the day to night.


Asteria Styles – Looks Sophisticated With Best Design

As one of Best cuts for 2021, the Asteria Hair Cut looks extremely sleek, sophisticated, and classic. This is a fairly simple style that can easily be performed in a number of different ways, all of which incorporate the many different morphs that can be incorporated into this particular style. This cut retains the basic shape of the Haircut, but the end result adds a modern twist with a few different accents that makes it very chic, trendy, and beautiful.