Top 5 Asian Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

Undercut and Comb-over: This popular Asian hairstyle for men features shaved sides that blend into longer top sections, creating a stylish look. Use a medium to firm hold styling product when slicking back your hair for this impressive style.

Blunt Bob Haircut: This long blunt bob is a versatile choice for women with thick hair. It frames your features beautifully and allows you to experiment with different colors and finishes. It’s easy to maintain and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Long hair with Cornrows: This bold and eye-catching Asian hairstyle involves puffing up the crown, curling the locks, and adding texture. A jumbo braid at the crown adds dimension and drama to the style. Highlights in lighter tones can enhance its impact further.

Side-parted Mohawk: With just a tiny amount of gel or pomade, long Asian hair can be styled into this sleek and stylish look. It pairs well with beards and offers a business aesthetic with tapered haircuts on the sides and back. Incorporating a daring side part adds an edgy effect.

Short Asymmetric Bob: This long asymmetric bob is suitable for thin hair and can help elongate the facial structure. Adding textured curls on the shorter side brings an edge to the classic fade haircut. Regular trims and the use of hairspray are recommended to maintain this style.

Blunt Bob with Money Piece:

A neck-length blunt bob is an excellent choice for managing thick hair while framing the features. Adding a blonde money piece creates emphasis and a stylish touch. Going for a strawberry blonde hue can bring an eccentric yet feminine style.

Blunt Bob with Balayage:

This side-parted bob with a face-framing fringe is an effortlessly stylish choice for medium-length hair. It highlights delicate facial features while maintaining a casual and relaxed look. The balayage technique adds natural-looking depth, and coppery red tones can complement various skin tones.