How to Style Ashy Brown Hair

Ash brown is a cool-toned hue that complements numerous skin tones. Additionally, its versatility makes it a good option for highlighting or lowlighting to create additional depth to any hairstyle.

Opt for an ash-brown balayage style that keeps your roots dark while adding face-framing highlights for contrast to get into the ombre trend without dyeing all your locks.

Inverted Bob with Shaggy Layers

Long strands may find an inverted bob a great option. This layered look features shorter back and longer front layers that frame your face beautifully. To give it more personality and dimension, request some soft texturizing from your stylist for a lived-in, playful vibe.

For an undone rock ‘n’ roll vibe, try an uneven bob with shaggy layers like this style by influencer Hailey Clauson. Easy to style (just spritz sea salt spray or texturizing product for texture!), it will create an irresistibly seductive model-off-duty look!

Alternatively, ask your stylist to add peacock colors to your ash brown locks for a soft yet seductive appearance. This vibrant shade will emphasize the difference between lighter strands and natural dark roots for a feminine yet glamorous appearance.


Be it platinum or light brown, the cool-toned ombre style is an excellent way to give ashy hair an eye-catching manner. Dark roots blend with warm honey blonde in the middle and incredible platinum blonde at the bottom for a fantastic visual impact that looks beautiful with straight, long bob haircuts. Furthermore, this look can reduce maintenance needs if your locks have darker hues – perfect if you have darker locks!

If you prefer more drama, try adding vibrant hues like pastel blue or pink to the ends of your hair – this ombre color adds texture while helping thin locks appear fuller! This look works exceptionally well on light waves, making fuller tresses appear.

If permanent dyes seem daunting, consider semi-permanent ashy brown hair colors, which will gradually fade with time. They’re also great for refreshing highlights or lightening overall looks like your bob without bleaching it completely!

Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown bobs are an eye-catching hair color trend that looks gorgeous on women of different skin tones. It features a calm, neutral manner with natural-looking ash-brown highlights and lowlights for an alluring natural finish. Additionally, you can rock this trendy shade by pairing it with an eye-framing braid for maximum impact!

Compared to other ombre shades, this one doesn’t use bleach to lighten hair color – this means it will remain more accurate to your natural shade than alternatives and requires minimal upkeep. Furthermore, its colors blend seamlessly for a seamless transition between hues.

This stylish combination of ash blonde and mushroom brown shades makes for the ideal hue on any hair length; even shorter distances can benefit. Babylights may add depth or dimension. Be sure to maintain it by going in for regular salon visits and using suitable at-home care products for best results.

Chin-Length Bob

An elegant way to renew your look is by coloring chin-length hair in an ash-brown shade. This hue works wonderfully for blondes or brunettes with cool skin tones, adding an irresistibly shimmery finish. Moreover, its low maintenance requirements won’t require weekly salon trips – Lily-Rose Depp and Barbara Palvin prove its timeless allure!

For something bolder, opt for a chin-length bob with face-framing layers – it’s sophisticated yet seductive at once! Great for fine or thin hair types as it adds volume while accentuating natural texture; pair this look with curtain bangs or loosely styled waves to achieve a fashionable and chic appearance.


Brown hair may get a bad rap for lacking dimension, but it can still look stunning with the addition of painted-on color melts. Try a sun-kissed bronde balayage for a natural yet rich finish that suits all face shapes and skin tones – golden tones blend with brown to create this striking shade that offers a soft yet natural appeal that won’t quickly fade.

Brown ringlets and curls shimmer with subtle blonde balayage that emphasizes their texture. For a layered effect, choose heavier highlights around the crown while lightening ends with honeyed tones for a softer touch of honey.

Cool-toned ash brown dye jobs offer longer-term solutions than copper or warm honey shades, making them the ideal choice for busy women looking for low-maintenance styles that won’t require frequent salon trips. Try this shoulder-skimming balayage featuring a combination of toffee and dark chocolate bases with neutral blonde highlights for maximum impact!