Ash Highlights Hair Color Ideas

Ash tones make an elegant choice for light hair because of their neutralizing properties that brighten without being overbearingly bright. In addition, ash tones help counteract warm, brassy pigments often revealed during lightening processes.

Ask your stylist to add caramel face-framing highlights over an ash-brown balayage for an effortlessly natural look. These highlights should start close to the roots and gradually transition into an icy ash blonde at the ends.

Dirty Ash Blonde

Long locks benefit significantly from this shaggy ash blonde hair color option, keeping their look natural yet trendy. Dark roots are combined with light caramel and ash blonde to create an understated finish that complements each lock without overwhelming them.

Women looking for something bold will surely notice this metallic ash blonde shade. Its cool tones and touches of grey, silver, and smoky ash will surely attract attention. When opting for this hue, it is best left to experienced professionals.

It introduces an icy ash blonde as the latest beauty trend that will turn heads all season long! Its cool tones will complement any skin tone beautifully while looking absolutely stunning on multiple hairstyles. Braids

Ash blonde highlights are an elegant way to enhance the natural color of your locks. This look showcases how the dirty ash hue perfectly matches the base color of this model’s locks – and brings out their soft feminine charm in this long wavy bob style.

Long strands of ash blonde complement this model’s beautiful olive skin tone, giving her an eye-catching and youthful appearance. Furthermore, this shade provides an eye-catching color transition against her dark brown roots – perfect for any style she chooses!

Box braids are a trendy hairstyle that can be worn in many ways, including with an ash-blonde highlight. To achieve the look, start by sectioning off three even sections of hair. Place section 1 over section 2, followed by section 3, before repeating this over/under pattern until reaching your desired length.

Root Melt

Root Melts (or Color Melting) are an effective way to lighten natural hair color while adding dimension and softening the growth-out of highlights. Unlike other roots-only techniques like Root Shadow, which creates harsh lines between color demarcation points, Root Melts uses blending technology instead, which creates an exquisite balayage effect with no sharp lines dividing each area of color differentiation, resulting in beautiful balayage results.

This style is ideal for those with darker roots who wish to lighten their locks gradually and anyone wanting to add ash blonde highlights for an eye-catching contrast in dark brown hair. This look can work on all hair textures and requires only an experienced hairdresser for its flawless application. Touch-ups may need to occur every 8-12 weeks, depending on your rate of hair growth.


Try balayage highlights and lowlights for gorgeous yet low-maintenance ash blonde hair color. This coloring technique involves lightening specific sections of hair with bleach and blending these lightened sections for an incredible head of color.

A professional colorist will work with your natural base shade to find a look that works for you. While it is typically advised that women with light-colored eyes remain close to their natural colors, balayage allows stylists to be creative when placing dye.

For instance, this ash blonde balayage style features heavier highlights on the lower portions of hair that frame the face for an eye-catching ombre effect. This style works exceptionally well for brunettes experimenting with lighter locks because its subtlety won’t overpower their dark locks.


For those who love the look of blonde but prefer subtler tones, ash bronde shade may be needed and achieved using the balayage technique, which blends light blonde and cool-toned greyish tones on some strands. Once complete, they kept the hair long in this style and finished it with beach curls for an attractive yet casual style.

This bob style features dark brown roots that gradually transition into an exquisite light ash blonde shade, highlighted unevenly for an authentic natural-looking fade and added texture to the class.

This wavy bob will turn heads thanks to its eye-catching color – an ash blonde hue complements olive skin tone beautifully and adds brightness. Furthermore, its trending curtain bang and flipped ends complete the look for maximum impact.