Ash Hair Color – Best Design

Best Color Trend

Ash hair coloring is becoming Best style trend among women who are looking to change their hair color. Ash blonde is quite a grayish shade of blond that has subtle warm tone colored undertones. It is a new shade of brunette which appears a little different from the normal warm-toned brunette’s hair color, and therefore it is becoming a hot new choice of modern design. The cool ash blonde color will suit women with fine complexions while the warm ash blonde will suit women with darker complexions. This Hair styling color can be achieved with a perm or simply by coloring that with the in-style ceramic curling iron.

Ash is considered to be a new modern design, which is considered to be very attractive and trendy as well. Ash hair can be classified into two types – dry and wet. You can easily get an attractive look by choosing a suitable Hairdo according to that type and facial structure.

Ash hair color is quite simply a color of blonde that has some slight gray tinting to it. It is quite a new shade of blonde that appears a bit different from natural blonde Hair color, and therefore it becomes a very popular option of new design for its slightly different look. This color has become extremely popular recently as it is one of the newer shades of blond that has emerged lately. Although this coloring is one of Best colors, you may want to consider carefully before you go through with this type of coloring. Read on to learn more about this exciting coloring trend!

A Quick Look at Ash Hair Color

Ash Hair color is one of the oldest popular hair colors. Ash Hair dye comes in two versions. One is the European ash blonde hair color, which is also called French ash blonde, while the other version is the American ash blonde. Both of these types have been used as a standard for coloring Hair for many years. Today both remain popular, but with the recent popularity of Best style, which is quite similar to the original look of the ash blond, it is getting harder for stylists to determine which one is the latest.